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10 Tips You Never Knew on Saving Money From Your Household Power Electricity Bill

10 Tips You Never Knew on Saving Money From Your Household Power Electricity Bill

Do you use prepaid meter at home? Does your prepaid meter run out fast? Do you wish to increase the length of time it takes before you go to refill your prepaid meter card? Then this piece is ideally for you.


Turn off appliances not needed at any particular point in time. Sometimes we tend to leave our Tvs and other appliances on standby mode. While this may be a trendy thing to do, it is not a good energy conservation principle.In some homes the accumulation of appliances on standby mode could be enough to power a small fridge. By turning appliances not needed on at a particular point in time you simply save electricity by doing so.


Buy only energy efficient appliances. Appliance A and Appliance B could be the same thing but their energy consumption may not be the same. This is usually reflected in their prices. Conventionally the more the energy efficiency of an appliance, the more expensive it is. However, the money pays back itself from the energy consumption. Always look at the wattage or power of the gadget and see if it is worth buying.


For appliances with compressors, look out to see if it is inverter compliant. It is usually written on the surface of some products like washing machine and refrigerators. For ACs, LG has led the way in this technology with their innovative LG Inverter V Gen Cool cooling unit. Inverter compliant compressors save more energy.


If you use hot water regularly. It will save you more energy and hence less energy bill if you install a solar water heater once and for all and not heat your water using electricity. Solar water heaters are very efficient as they turn 80% radiation into heat. Once installed you will be using free energy to heat water. The cost of heating water from public utility daily in 5-12 months is enough to install a solar water heater. This simply implies that they are very cheap to install.


Replace the LCD tvs at home with LED tvs. LCDs consume as much as 3 times the energy an equivalent LED tv will consume. The beauty of LED is that you can even control and set the power consumption to lower levels yourself using the ecological friendly mode. They save a lot of energy.

Increase thermostat of the fridges.

Just like a house, a refrigerator will use less electricity if its thermostat is re-set to a higher (warmer) temperature. Owing to the singgle-evaporator design of most refrigerators, a change of temperature in the

freezer compartment generally results in a temperature change in fresh-food compartment Grimes et al.
Grimes examined the impact of compartment temperature on energy use on 1977-vintage automatic defrost refrigerator. Energy consumption rose 26% from the warmest acceptable to the coldest possible settings. A
more recent study of nine large, 1993-vintage US refrigerators found 6.5%increase energy consumption for 1
degree centigrade reduction in freezer

Switch to LED bulbs.

LEDs save more energy than the ring like white energy saving bulb. By now we no longer talk about the incandescent bulbs but for the sake people who do not know. Incandescent yellow bulbs consume a lot of energy. Two 60w bulb is equivalent or even more than an efficient 6 feet standing fridge. We place emphasis on LED bulbs because they are the most energy saving bulb in the market. This piece is a detailed explanation of how LEDs save energy more than the other types of bulbs available in the market.


Use appliances in the middle of the day when you’re generating more solar energy. For example use appliances such as your dishwasher and washing machine during the middle of the day rather than in the evening. The reasons are obvious. You can turn of the input into your inverter to have the inverter supply power to these loads using your sun energy. By doing so, power consumed by such appliances will not read on your pre-paid meter. You would have saved yourself a lot of money by doing so.


Another good money saving tip that you can do is to turn down the thermostat of your water heater. The truth is you are not always washing your hands and taking a bath all the time. You can reduce the thermostat to 120 degrees lower. You can do this after everybody in the house has taken their bath or when going to bed. This is a huge money saving technique.


One of the most beneficial saving energy techniques you could use is to reduce the power consumption of your home or building. How can this possibly be done? By the use of ceiling insulation that is installed by experts in the field of insulation, you will reduce the energy needed to keep your home or building at a comfortable temperature which in turn leads to less strain on the heating and cooling systems which saves you money and increases your chance of saving energy and the environment. Using this saving energy technique will eradicate the single largest contributor to global warming while putting money back in your pocket! It’s a win win situation.


Air conditioners consume a lot of energy if the air filters are dirty. They tend to work more when these air vents are dirty. It is a good practice to clean these air filters at least once in every month. In climes or periods when the environment is really dusty, it is advisable to do so twice a month. A lot of energy will be saved by doing so.

In conclusion, as energy prices continue to escalate, it is best to control the amount you pay on energy bills by investing in energy efficient appliances.