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3 Important Reasons to Go Eco-Friendly

3 Important Reasons to Go Eco-Friendly

We hear it every where – reasons to go eco-friendly, green products, save the environment and recycle. But what does it all really mean and why do we need to become more eco friendly?

1. One obvious reason is so that we can save our planet. Just thinking about the stash of plastic bottles that are thrown away every year which cannot disintegrate into the land.

2. Saving animals from extinction is another reason. So many of the various breeds of animals and insects and all manner of living creatures are becoming threatened because of our habits.

3. Greener, environmentally friendly products are kinder to our health.

For example when using plastic bottles the likelihood is those dangerous chemicals will leech into the liquid inside. We don’t know that it is happening because it neither discolours the liquid (even if it is transparent like water) nor has a nasty taste.

The manufacturers of these products do not put any warnings or labels on the bottle stating this fact and the poor unsuspecting customers (us!) are the innocent victims.

Chemicals such as phenynol A are toxic and can cause cancer. These bottles and food containers may be lighter in weight and cheaper to produce but is it worth the possibility of using something that could cause you to become ill?

I always buy stainless steel drinking and food containers even though they do weight slightly more and they do cost a bit more. I am more concerned with the health of my family.

But another reason to go eco-friendly is to be able to use organic fresh foods that will not be tampered with in any way. There is absolutely no point in having a environmentally friendly product and filling it with junk food or ready made meals that already contain certain chemicals and additives.

The same applies to drinks. I first filter my water from my own filtering system at home and I then fill up the children’s school bottles. I know that I am doing all that I can to keep my family safe.

I know that you too, wouldn’t want to see your family suffer with painful, life threatening diseases just because you didn’t make some changes.

It is very important to keep your water pure as this is a liquid that we use on a constant basis and without filtering it you have no idea what chemical compounds are being put into your body.

Be safe, be healthy and filter your water today. For more information on how to filter your water and the very best filters for giving you healthy mineralized water visit my website http://www.clean-safe-filtered-water.com today. And find your reasons to go eco-friendly.