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5 Factors to Consider for Choosing the Best Automatic Screw Dispenser for Your Assembly Line

5 Factors to Consider for Choosing the Best Automatic Screw Dispenser for Your Assembly Line

Just like you can’t live without food and your car can’t run without fuel, an assembly line can’t run without screws. Therefore, if you want to design your production process, make sure you look for the best screw supply solution. Before you choose an automatic screw dispenser, we suggest that you consider a few important factors. Read on to find out more.

1. The Production speed

First of all, your production speed can help determine how quickly you want the screws to be delivered. For this purpose, you should consider the lag time as well. In this case, you can install a screw delivery system to boost efficiency.

But if your screw dispenser is faster compared to other processes, chances are that you won’t experience any efficiency gains unless you upgrade other parts of the assembly process.

2. The Automation Level

As far as speed is concerned, there is a great difference between choosing one screw from a shaker tray and getting multiple screws per second through a pneumatic delivery system. Actually, it’s a lot convenient to have a screw dispenser and boost your speed.

If speed is not an issue, you can still benefit from these issues in the form of high efficiency.

3. Efficiency or Capacity

Before you go for a screw dispenser, make sure you compare the starting and recurrent costs, such as ancillary costs and servicing costs with the gains you expect from the system. Also, you should find out how much capacity gains you have to achieve in order to amortize the costs.

It’s not going to be a good purchase if the capacity is less than the life of the system. On the other hand, if you can have a short repayment period but a really long profitability period, you may invest in the system.

4. Reconfiguring the Assembly Operations

Not all factories produce the exact same product on a daily basis for years to come. Therefore, you may need to reconfigure your system every few weeks. If you have to retool for handling a variety of run orders, we suggest that you go for a screw delivery system that can be easily reconfigured.

The good thing is that basic screw dispensers are easy to adjust. Besides, some high-level systems can be quickly adjusted.

5. Fastener Size

You can find screw fasteners in different sizes. Although most screw delivery systems come with ease of adjustment, few of them are designed to deal with different sizes of screws. So, if your assembly medical devices that come with micro screws, you may have to go for a different type of screw delivery system. So, what you need to do is look for a system that may use a range of screws.

In short, if you consider these basic factors, choosing the best automatic screw dispenser will be a piece of cake for you. Just make sure you buy a good brand, not just any brand you can find out there. This is important to ensure that the unit will stand the test of time.