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6 Things to Consider Before Buying an Airsoft Sniper Rifle

6 Things to Consider Before Buying an Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Many players fantasize about claiming victory by taking down enemy soldiers with their airsoft sniper rifles. However, not all soldiers are fit to become snipers. That said, there are six factors that need to be considered before one can be a successful sniper.

1. A Calm and Patient Demeanour

Snipers are elites among soldiers. That’s because they can easily take down a high-ranking official in the enemy camp and consequently win the war. However, being a sniper isn’t easy.

Snipers have a shooting range of 200 feet or more. However, if their targets are out of range, they can’t just stand up and run towards them. Similarly, snipers lay low and wait patiently for hours at a time. So if a person has a problem with staying still, he has no business being a sniper.

2. Good Communication Skills

Aside from taking down high-stakes targets, snipers also serve as recon personnel for their teams. That’s because their scopes and location (they’re usually positioned on high ground) give them wider visibility. That means snipers can easily find holes in an enemy’s defenses. If he passes the information properly, his team will have a tactical advantage. Without good communication skills, a soldier is not worthy to carry BB sniper rifles.

3. Spring vs. CO2

If a person feels he can handle the responsibilities of being a sniper, his next step is to purchase a sniper rifle. Sniper rifles often have a spring or gas mechanism. Spring-powered sniper rifles are bolt-action rifles. This means the gun needs to be re-cocked after every shot.

The bolt-action mechanism can be problematic if there are numerous enemies on the field. Simply put, the mechanism slows down the shooter. However, this mechanism isn’t likely to fail mid-game. That’s because it doesn’t have any tanks that can depressurize or any batteries that will discharge.

In contrast, gas powered airsoft sniper rifles bring more speed and power to the table. However, they become liabilities if they lose power during a game. In addition, gas powered rifles are sensitive to heat and cold. So if the game will be under extreme weather conditions, the rifle may suddenly stop working.

A soldier is only as effective as his weapon. Therefore, careful selection between spring and gas powered sniper rifles is a must.

4. Decent Hop-up Feature

A hop-up is a part of the gun that puts a backspin on BB pellets. This makes the pellet counteract the pull of gravity so it can travel greater distances. Hop-ups are standard in modern rifles, but a sniper needs to make sure that the feature is working properly before he buys a rifle.

5. A Good Firing Rate

A sniper needs a weapon that can shoot.28 gm pellets or heavier to distances of more than 200 ft. On average, snipers carry airsoft sniper rifles that fire pellets at 400 fps (feet per second). Of course, higher power means greater cost.

6. A Forgiving Budget

Speaking of cost, snipers need a forgiving budget. That’s because even the cheaper spring-powered BB sniper rifles cost around £200. Plus, snipers need to invest in.28gm pellets or heavier. Still, for those willing to invest a little more, sniper rifles are powerful weapons that win wars.