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9 Things to Expect When Abseiling

9 Things to Expect When Abseiling

Abseiling is one great adrenaline activity that’s swiftly gaining popularity in the exciting world of roped adventures! Used as an integral part of climbing, abseiling has been prevalent in numerous multi-outdoor sports in the world. Abseiling is an element of climbing which entails a descent from a fixed rope. The thrill of this sport is amazing as you move down steep slopes from astonishing heights while juggling a mixture of surreal emotions and experiencing magnificent sights. It’s an exhilarating, out of this world adrenaline rush that you can ever have in a lifetime!

Sounds good? Then gear up, choose a location and let’s be off!

While we are on our way to our chosen abseiling venue, let me put in the picture a few details of what to expect from your first abseiling encounter.

1. Safety Briefing

Expect a thorough safety orientation to introduce you to the aspects of the sport, the safety equipment you will operate, as well as overall precautionary measures.

2. Climate

Weather conditions vary depending on the abseiling venue. Likewise climate from the base to the top of the abseil may change erratically. It is advised that you wear layered clothing which is easy to pull on or off as necessary.

3. Outdoor Fashion

In the great outdoors, comfortable is in! Since the sport of abseiling entails your feet mostly in contact with a vertical surface, it is strongly recommended that rock climbing footwear is worn. Not available? A good pair of trainers would be adequate. Non-restrictive clothing is also recommended to accommodate the physical repositioning requirements of the sport.

4. The Climb

While most abseiling packages provide transport to the top of where you will abseil from, most enthusiasts favour the conventional way of getting to the top. Climb it! Considered as the hardest part of the sport, scaling the mountain, bridge, waterfall, building or where ever you are to take off from, the climb to the top is advantageous mutually to a beginner and an expert. Climbs take longer than abseiling, so if you’ve got a few skills in mountaineering then this may come in handy.

5. Tight Spot

Once you get strapped into the harness, it can be quite uncomfortable since your legs are spread apart, which is not the usual comfy position in conventional hiking but most useful for vertical trekking. Besides, once you are vertical, the feel of the harness can be quite reassuring since it’s the only form of support you will have besides the rope and the pulley system.

6. Height Paralysis

Being afraid of heights is regular and every so often suitable. Since abseiling is roping down from a high area, you must expect that we are talking Great Heights! Glancing over the cliff’s edge, and seeing the distance downward, your knees start to lodge in their sockets almost eternally, and your internals suddenly get displaced. Such is the most common symptom of height paralysis. Take a rhythmic lungful of air, trust the equipment and just set off

7. Worst first 10ft

A common rejoicer from a-first timer would be anguish on the first 10 feet of abseiling. The point of no return. Even with the thorough safety briefing, rigorous equipment checks and the great stories of amazing abseil experiences you have heard, you get anxious. Free your thoughts and try to maintain crisp auditory to clearly heed your instructor’s directions. Besides as you get the rhythm of the descent everything else turn into the most blood saturating adrenaline rush you can ever prepare for!

8. Breathtaking Views

Bask in the exhilarating scenery only the most exciting sport of abseiling can offer.

9. Experience of a Lifetime

Now you have done it! Your feet firmly planted horizontally on the ground. The feeling of triumph drowns the normal feeling of relief. Then you dread. Now you dread the climb back to the top, over eager to abseil down again.