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Advantages of Hands Free Calling While Driving

Advantages of Hands Free Calling While Driving

We have all seen the news reports about drivers who are distracted by their cell phones and end up causing accidents. Looking away from the road to make or receive a call can be extremely dangerous. Luckily, there are some hands free options available that allow drivers to make and receive phone calls without taking their hands off of the steering wheel.

Many states have now implemented hands free cellphone laws in attempt at reducing distracted driving. Generally, these laws prohibit drivers from holding a phone to have a conversation while driving. While we all want to be safer on the roads, many of us simply won’t give up our phone conversations while we drive. These laws as well as concern for personal safety has led drivers to investigate hands free options for phone calls.

There are basically two different approaches to hands free calling. The first requires the purchase of a headset that can be used whether you are in or out of the car. The second type requires a Bluetooth integrated system to be installed in your vehicle. The initial cost of this type of hands free system may be more expensive than a headset, but it offers many benefits to the average driver.

Bluetooth technology allows short-range wireless communication between your cell phone and your vehicle’s audio system. With Bluetooth integration, you will be able to hear your callers through your car speakers and you can respond using the built-in microphone. Voice activation options allow you to answer calls and dial numbers from your contact list hands free.

Drivers with Bluetooth integrated technology won’t miss a call, even if their phone is out of hand’s reach. Calls can be made and received as long as the phone is within about 30 feet of the receiver. No more swerving and slowing down while you try to locate your ringing phone.

When you receive an incoming call, your system will mute or lower the volume of your stereo automatically. This feature allows drivers to keep their hands on the wheel at all times. All of these automated features help drivers to maintain focus on the road and prevent fumbling with a phone while driving.

Caller ID options let drivers decide if the call needs to be taken or if it can wait until they are out of the car. This information can reduce the number of calls accepted while driving, cutting down on distractions while operating the vehicle.

Unlike headsets and earphones, with a Bluetooth integrated system you won’t have to wear uncomfortable equipment while at the wheel. There is no worry about losing or forgetting multiple devices because everything is completely integrated into the vehicle’s audio/video system.

If you are not willing to give up your phone conversations when driving then a hands free option may be the best alternative. Affordably priced, headsets or Bluetooth integration will help you keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road.