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Decorating Eco-Friendly – Taking Care of Your Home – Planet Earth (With Resources)

Decorating Eco-Friendly – Taking Care of Your Home – Planet Earth (With Resources)

So how can you (savvy person that you are) help our environment? Think of the “R”s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, plus I like adding Redecorate, Re-energize, Revitalize!

Below are a few tips and ideas on how you can help our planet survive. Folks, it comes down to this – we either evolve or die. That simple!

We need to take positive action to have a better (healthier) planet and better (happier) you! So below are a few stylish ideas and tips on how you can help “your home” – planet earth. I am going to be revealing several websites, so I recommend that you read the entire article 1st then when go back to the websites that you want to check out further.

Should you use plastic or paper bags? Neither! Use reusable bags instead of plastics bags, which are not biodegradable. Most recycling companies do not accept plastic bags because they damage and clog their machines. Want a cool looking reusable bag? Then check out the Green & Gorgeous bag (that is the name of the bag!) at Vivre or my favorite grocery bag howgreenisyourbag.com.

Use bamboo towels. Yes, you read correctly – towels made of bamboo are eco-friendly, softer, and generally more absorbent than regular towels. Did you ever think you would dry yourself with “bamboo”? Well, now you can, and feel GREAT about it. Check out Brookstone to view their towel selection.

Get shower curtains that are eco-friendly and use no chlorides in its production. Look for the PEVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) tag.

Buy eco-friendly reupholstered furniture. Look for reupholstered furniture that uses soy foams (which contain no PBDE), other foams contain flame retardants that contain harmful PBDE. Check out the eco-friendly line at Crate and Barrel.

Protect your windows, your home, you by using film on windows to reduce the amount of solar radiation entering your home and thereby keeping AC costs low. Plus (big plus!), it protects you and your home from harmful UV rays. Other options are blackout lining and solar shades, which block solar radiation from entering your home, reduces your AC bill in the summer, and prevents heat from escaping in the winter.

Another way to take care of your home that is economical, saves about 75% of energy, and last about 8-10 times longer is using CFL bulbs (CFL = compact fluorescent bulbs). Be careful not to break the bulbs because they do contain mercury.

When choosing paint, make sure the VOC (volatile organic compound) is less than 100, which is safer for your lungs and our environment.

Organize green (with not just the color!). Even your organizational supplies and storage can be instrumental in helping our environment. Go to thegreenoffice.com to see which organizational items they have that are recyclable, biodegradable, and have reduced chemical content. Another site with “cool” items is r-I-inc.com

Be proud to help our environment for it is our lives and our planet that we are trying to save and improve. Remember to live better!