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EcoFresh Products – Is EcoFresh an Untapped Market?

EcoFresh Products – Is EcoFresh an Untapped Market?

EcoFresh and the Green Revolution

EcoFresh is a new MLM company offering eco friendly cleaning products for home use. But the product isn’t actually new. It was created in the 1970’s in Dallas, well before the current “green revolution” we see today. At the time, there wasn’t such a strong market for the product, and it was put on the back burner.

Until now. EcoFresh offers an alternative to chemical ridden cleaning products, that contain things like ammonia and bleach that can be harmful to human health and also to the environment.

The 2000’s have seen a shift towards alternative methods of living; more care is taken towards the earth and our immediate environments. EcoFresh is capitalizing on this opportunity to sell “good” products, much like you’d see in the cleaning aisle at a Trader Joe’s or a Whole Foods.

It’s clear that green products are popular right now. People are willing to invest a little more money in everyday items to ensure clean air and water for the future. The movement is only becoming more popular.

Who are EcoFresh’s Competitors?

As far as cleaning products in the MLM industry, EcoFresh has yet to find a competitor. They are truly the only eco friendly cleaning product on the MLM market. This means that reps will be competing only with chain stores, not with other reps that may be looking to sell as well.

So the real question is: Can reps sell enough of the products to make a living? Or better yet, to create a sustainable business with long term profits, and passive residual income?

That’s the dream for most. So here’s how the EcoFresh opportunity works.

Making Money with EcoFresh

Straight commission hovers at 25% for personal sales, and your downline commissions start at 6%. If a rep makes over $2,000 dollars worth in sales, EcoFresh will give the rep an extra 10%, for each month they make the sales quota. For many experienced network marketers, this isn’t such an impossible goal to reach.

For those who are new to the industry, though, or who have tried and failed at network marketing (which includes just about anyone who’s ever tried!) it’s important to learn the steps first.

Building a business requires getting leads, creating an online presence, tapping into your sales techniques, and understanding how the whole system of network marketing works together. Success is possible, especially in an untapped market like EcoFresh, but the key is developing the tools for success first.