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Fender Electric Guitars – 2 Quick and Easy Steps to Acquire the Right Fender Musical Instrument

Fender Electric Guitars – 2 Quick and Easy Steps to Acquire the Right Fender Musical Instrument

Step 1. Determine the guitarist’s mindset to playing guitar

When buying a Fender electric guitar it’s important to determine if you are hobbyist, or professionally minded.

Fender has a wide range of electric guitars and electric guitar packages available for the beginner or hobbyist and the thing to remember is Fender is a great brand and you can’t go wrong.

An electric guitar package is a great way to get a young person involved with music. An example is the Stop Dreaming, Start Playing Set Affinity Strat Special with Fender Frontman Amp. This set features a great-sounding, sweet-looking and easy-playing Squier Affinity Strat Special guitar with three single-coil pickups; plugs it right into the included 15-watt, two-channel Fender® Frontman Amp® 15G with auxiliary input and headphone jack. Accessories include stereo headphones, an instructional DVD, a chromatic tuner, guitar strap, gig bag, guitar cable and pick sampler.

Fender Squier makes other great starter guitars and the great thing about them is once you improve you can always modify the guitar to fit your needs.

If you are a professionally minded guitarist Fender has you covered with a wide range of electric guitars.

A great pathway to take if you are professionally minded is to buy a Fender Standard Series electric guitar. The Standard Series are made in Mexico and offer affordability while still retaining quality. The good thing is, once you improve your playing you can always modify the guitar to fit your needs and you have a life long friend at a fraction of the cost of an American model.

Now, if you are the type of person that demands quality there is nothing better than an American made Fender electric guitar. The Fender American Series electric guitars provide the best parts, the finest woods, and the most detailed craftsmanship available.

Step 2. Determine what style of music the guitarist is interested in.

Let’s discuss 3 different styles of music. Rock, country, and a mixture (jazz, alternative, americana, oldies, classic and everything in between). Keep in mind any of these guitars can be used for the styles of music discussed. We will just stick to the most popular.

If you love rock music you will need to check out and try a Fender Stratocaster. No doubt one of the most famous guitars in history and one of the most famous guitarists to play the Strat was Jimi Hendrix. The Stratocaster is so versatile yet so simple in design. 3 single coil pickups and a host of different sounds. Another beauty is you can change pickups and tone by simply having different pickguards available.

Are you a country music fan? Check out a Fender Telecaster. A famous saying when speaking of the Tele is “The Twang.” When playing country music you need the twang to make Nashville take notice and with the Tele’s great and unique styling and pickup configuration, there is no better way.

Award-winning Fender Telecaster guitarist and mandolin player Guthrie Trapp is one of Nashville’s busiest and most versatile performing and session musicians, having worked with artists such as Patty Loveless, Jerry Douglas, Vince Gill, Taylor Hicks, Nanci Griffith, Jessi Alexander, Dave Pomeroy, Albert Lee, Cowboy Jack Clement, Danny Flowers, and others far too numerous to list in this small space.

If you just love music in general and want to come up with your own style the Fender Jazzmaster is a wise choice. A modern musician who loves the Jazzmaster is Mark Hoppus from Blink 182.

First introduced at the 1958 NAMM show, the Jazzmaster guitar features a uniquely contoured body, a 25-1/2″ scale length and very unique and warm sounding pickups. Separate lead and rhythm circuit switching incorporating independent volume and tone controls, and the floating tremolo with tremolo lock adds to the Jazzmaster’s cool look and sound. The Jazzmaster really is that all around guitar to make new sounds for the ages to come.

Have fun with music and inspire the next generations to come to dream.