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Flirting Tips For Guys – How to Have Instant Flirting Confidence!

Flirting Tips For Guys – How to Have Instant Flirting Confidence!

Flirting can be great fun, but most guys lack the confidence to flirt successfully… so I want to share with you some of my flirting tips for guys to have the confidence to approach and flirt with any woman they choose.

Here are my 4 keys to flirting confidence. I suggest you read every word of this article and make these four flirting tips for guys a part of your life – because it will make a huge difference to your flirting success.


I’m sure you’ve done this many times before. You saw a woman you liked, you felt the initial rush of attraction, and then things started to come up into your mind, like, “She won’t go for me because…”

You became a mind reader! Why deprive the woman of the opportunity of making that choice for herself, or of surprising you or herself? Stop second guessing what a woman will or won’t like about you, because you won’t know for sure until you find out by approaching.

The second of my four flirting tips for guys is to CHANGE YOUR INTENT.

When we see a woman we like, as guys our imaginations (and desires) tend to go into overdrive. We place extra importance on this particular woman, and so we try and think up the perfect way of approaching that will ensure 100% success.

But because there is no such thing as a perfect approach, we then fear approaching in case we get it wrong! “I don’t want to blow it with her,” we think – all because we blew up the importance of meeting her in our minds.

Of course, by NOT approaching, we don’t get what we want ANYWAY… so why not change the INTENT, or reason for approaching.

When you see someone you like, control your thoughts, and change your intent. Instead of thinking about all the things you’d like to do with her, think like this…

“Let’s go have some FUN with this person. Let’s go and PLAY with her, and see if she is open and friendly.”

Approach with your only intention being that of making her day, and of bringing some fun into her life… and then be willing to just see what happens after that. You’ll be surprised at how, just by changing the INTENT behind your approach, it will be much easier to do.

The third key is to SMILE.

If your intent is simply to have fun, and make her day, then part of that is to SMILE. People are drawn to warm, happy people. You’ll be amazed by what a simple smile can do.

The fourth key is to change the MEANING of the OUTCOME.

Another reason guys hesitate to approach woman is they fear “rejection”. But let’s look at it from a different point of view.

Because I always approach a woman with the intent of having fun, being playful, and seeing how I can make her day, if she chooses not to get involved in this, then she is probably someone I don’t want in my life anyway. It is HER loss.

Can you see how this way of thinking, as well as being true, will serve you much better? This is my belief, and it works for me. I suggest you have this belief, too: “I never get rejected, I simply find out whether she has good taste and is smart enough to recognize someone who can bring fun into her life.”

Of course, as well as having these flirting tips for guys, it helps to know WHAT TO SAY to a woman to be able to start flirting in the first place. I don’t recommend pick up lines, because they don’t tend to work very often, and besides, there are far better things you can use to start flirting with a woman.