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Generic 1GB MP3 Player

Generic 1GB MP3 Player

The market is flooded with them and there is one for everyone. It comes under many brands, names, skins and designs and is the best companion for every music lover. We are talking about the MP3 Player and specifically about the 1GB MP3 Player. A 1GB MP3 Player is a music/video player with a storage capacity of 1GB that lets you record a total of up to 240 songs.

Form leading brand names to local small fishes, everybody is manufacturing them and based on your requirements, you too are sure to find one that pleases you the most. A 1GB MP3 player is the best bet for anybody who does not want to spend a lot and still wants the basics of a music device in his palm. Let us find out more about it.

Design and Looks

Since we are not talking about any specific brand’s product, it is obvious that there are a number of designs available to choose from. However, the design of any 1GB MP3 player depends on what are the features it provides.

For instance, if you are looking for a simple, compact music player only which supports different formats of music and maybe has other add ons like an FM radio or a voice recorder also then you will get players resembling small pen drives in different shapes with or without a very small digital display screen. These come in various attractive colors and can make a good style statement.

Even in a storage capacity of 1GB, you get MP3 Players with a video playback capacity. These look more refined and due to the provision of a small screen are bigger in size. However, different companies offer different colors and these too are not very cumbersome to carry around.

Regular Features

MP3 players are music/video players and they do just that! No, that is not just what they do. Apart from playing basic music and videos, MP3 Players do a lot more. They can also act as your USB Mass Storage Device and you can store and transfer important data, files and pictures through them.

They have a plug and play option which means you can simply plug them in and start playing. Your 1B MP3 Player will also act as your FM Radio as most of them come with a built in FM to catch and play the local stations.

Special Features

Apart from the regular features that all the MP3 Players provide, there are some products that provide features that others don’t. Some of the MP3 Players for instance provide unique functions like karaoke, options for slide shows of your pictures, e-book readers and even a feature of voice recorder to record your own voice or that of your loved ones!

Another cool feature that is provided by many MP3 Players now is that to use them with your car speakers on a long drive, you do not need a car adapter. You can simply tune in to any of the selectable frequencies and the music from your MP3 collection will start flowing. You can also use this cool feature to simple amplify your video’s sound on the move!

These devices are good for people who are low on budget yet want the pleasure of an MP3 Players. They are very low on price and can cost you anywhere between Rs500-Rs600 to a couple of thousands. The local, unbranded products are naturally low on price and the well established branded pieces cost you more.

However, if you do not want mammoth storage capacities like 8GB or more and will be satisfied with just a simple collection of all your favorite songs and videos, then this can be your best bet!