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Give Your Hubby a Birthday Gift to Treasure Till Death Do You Part

Give Your Hubby a Birthday Gift to Treasure Till Death Do You Part

He’s been your best friend, partner, soul mate and lover since you both uttered the words ‘I do’ on your wedding day. Why not give the guy you chose to spend your life with a birthday gift he’ll treasure till death do you part?

Sure, guys love gadgets and gizmos, but deep down, they appreciate the presents that come straight from the heart, even if they don’t admit it. Let’s face it. Guys have to keep up their macho image, right?

Happily, there’s a plethora of unique birthday gifts for him on the market, namely personalised gifts, which are sure to go down well with your hubby. But just what, exactly, is up for grabs?

Retro presents are all the rage this year. So why not add some funk into your birthday gift ideas for him? Your hubby can enjoy a nostalgic gift that’ll transport him back to his youthful years such as retro sweetie jar or original newspaper from a special date.

Is your hubby a laugh-a-minute kind of guy? Spoof newspapers make entertaining birthday gifts ideas for him; you can get articles written all about him as the A-list celeb celebrating his birthday bash alongside the likes of Elton John and David Furnish. Other humorous birthday ideas for him include spoof magazines. Give him a giggle with a magazine cover emblazoned with a hot model featuring his name loudly and proudly on the cover. Ooh la la!

For the career-focused hubby, how about a pair of silver cufflinks, engraved with his initials? It’ll complement his work suit perfectly. Alternatively, treat the office addict to a new desk accessory such as an engraved paperweight to keep his papers in place or a novelty mug for his well-deserved tea or coffee breaks.

If he’s an adrenaline junkie, consider sending him off on a wild adventure day experience. For the boy-racer, how about treating him to a driving experience? The perfect birthday gift for him if he loves four-wheeled toys! Other experience day birthday gifts for men include paintballing, flying, sailing and cooking lessons.

After slightly more thoughtful, romantic birthday gifts for husbands? Opt for an original newspaper from the day he was born. For a gift with that extra special touch, choose a personalised map jigsaw that can display when you first met or where you got married. Aaawh!

For the hubby who’s partial to a tipple, indulge him with a wine and spirits gift set, including a bottle of his favourite beverage featuring his name on the bottle label plus an original newspaper from any date. These little luxuries are presented in a beautiful gift box complete with a gift card featuring his name and a special message. Just make sure he’s sat in a comfy armchair, wearing his favourite pair of slippers.

Birthday ideas for husbands can be tricky, but with a little thought and imagination, you too can make his birthday one to remember.