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How Can Fire Shutters Enhance Establishments’ Fire Resistance

How Can Fire Shutters Enhance Establishments’ Fire Resistance

If you’re looking for a roller shutter or door, consider fire shutter that is designed to provide fire protection. Fire shutter is becoming a popular option for enhancing fire resistance of an establishment or structure. When compared with standard fire rated door and shutter, fire shutter is designed with a mechanism to detect fire and to activate itself automatically. In most cases, the fire shutter is connected to a fire alarm system to produce an overall alert, sending out warning to those who are within and at close proximity to the location of the fire.

Security door with fire resistance facilitates the safe exit in case of fire. The door is made of steel with enhanced resistance against fire, so it can be used to control or manage the damage by closing in various sections of the building or floor. Sectional shutter makes it easy to allow exit of people and property, whilst keeping fire damage at minimum. Horizontal fire shutters are especially great at providing protection between floors.

Shutters and doors that offer fire protection are made according to specific industry standards. They pass through rigid tests in order to ensure they meet stringent requirements of insurance providers, as well as those end-users who are very particular about safety. Moreover, these fire-resistant steel doors and shutters are customizable to fit different dimensions of openings. Also, you have an option whether to have them in galvanised steel or powder-coated steel.

Fire shutters are basically run with simple controls and don’t require manual intervention. The shutters automatically activates upon detection of fire whether it is part of an overall fire alarm system or an automated standalone system. This means that the steel doors are easy to integrate into the architecture and mechanism of the building. The doors come in very attractive designs and colours, making them suitable for all types of applications.

Aside from providing fire protection, which usually lasts up to four hours or so, the doors are sustainable to use. These doors normally have unbeatable eco-efficiency rating, providing high levels of insulation. Furthermore, steel is nearly 100 percent recyclable, further reducing environmental pollution. The use of fire shutters greatly improves the environmental efficiency of your building or structure without undermining its look and utility.

Lastly, fire resistant roller doors that don’t just minimise damage to property and people due to fire accidents, but also protect against intrusion and burglary. Some criminals cover up their crime by setting the structure on fire. The installation of fire doors and shutters integrated into the overall fire and burglar prevention system of a building helps to manage all forms of damage and loss.