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How to Make Cool MySpace Pages

How to Make Cool MySpace Pages

Are you new to MySpace and want to make your page really stand out? It’s relatively a simple procedure to dress up your pages.

Basically there are 2 things you can do to make your pages stand out.
1. Add a Layout
2. Add Graphics

Let’s consider adding a Layout first. There are many Myspace resource web sites out there that have thousands of pre-made layouts for your use. See below for a few or type in ‘Free Myspace Layouts’ into your favorite search engine. Just browse through their many offerings and find the layout you like and copy the code for that layout. Then login into your myspace account and click on ‘edit profile’. Under the section titled ‘about me’ paste that code. That’s it – you’ve changed the layout for your page. Click on ‘view profile’ and you will see the new layout.

OK, so now you’re an expert in changing your layout but you’re not happy with what you’ve found out there on the net and you have ideas of what you want your site to look like. Now, you’re ready to create your own layout. All that you need for this is a background picture and a Layout Generator. You can get your background picture from free graphics all over the net or from graphics you have on your own computer – maybe even personal photographs. The layout generator can also be gotten from the web. Many sites have Layout Generators. The better ones let you upload your images right on the page so that you don’t have to store your images elsewhere (a pain). With this tyep of Layout Generator you can customize colors of your sections, text, backgrounds, etc. and truly make your page unique.

OK, so now you have your layout and want to do more to spice up your page. Now you probably want to add some graphics. Well you’ve got an overwhelming choice of graphics on the net that you can add to your page. Glitter graphics, word graphics, animated graphics, talking graphics, and more. Graphics can be found under many categories on Myspace resource sites. The most obvious is ‘Graphics’. Search the net for ‘Free Myspace Graphics’ using your favorite search engine. You can also find some cool graphics under the category of ‘Generators’. Here you can find things like Animated graphics, CD covers, calendars, clocks, radio stations, scrolling signs, mp3 players, picture cubes, etc. How do you add them to your site? Simple. Again, click on the code next to the item and copy it to any section in your myspace profile. They will show up in that section on your myspace page. There’s also a new feature out there on some websites that let you skip the step of copying and pasting in order to make updates to your pages. They contain a ‘widget’ that lets you click on MySpace and the graphics or layouts automatically are placed on your myspace pages.

The advanced user would then want to know how to modify HTML coding in their profile. This is a topic for another day as you’ve done enough for now and you Myspace page looks great.