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Jasmine by Takamine S34c NEX Acoustic Guitar – Affordable Big Sound

Jasmine by Takamine S34c NEX Acoustic Guitar – Affordable Big Sound

Why Buy a Jasmine Guitar?

Takamine has been leading the industry of all wooden acoustic guitars for generations, and their dedication to craftsman can be seen in their line of Jasmine guitars. Their Jasmine S34C features a NEX guitar body, making it a smaller version of their classic Jumbo.

Players will find not only a remarkable sounding guitar, but one that is lightweight and high in quality. With overall playability great, the Jasmine by Takamine S34C is perfect for those enthusiastic about guitars and affordable enough for those just starting out.

Its compact construction makes it a great traveling instrument and makes playing (or learning how to play) fun and rewarding.

Jasmine Acoustic Guitar Construction

Takamine’s Jasmine S34C is an acoustic guitar meaning it that uses only an acoustic sound board. The sound board provides a backboard for a complex mixture of harmonics that give the guitar its distinctive sound.

Construction consists of Nato back and sides and a Rosewood finger and fret board. The Jasmine S34C also sports a very natural finish. The spruce top is done in a matte finish as opposed to the flashy gloss or high gloss finishes.

The Jasmine S34C comes with a pick guard included and attached to the guitar. (Which is great as it would be a waste not to protect the smooth finish from strumming!) Don’t want the guard to have ‘Takamine’ and ‘Jasmine’ printed on them?

Remove the protective (lightly adhesived,) sticker to reveal the real pick guard before getting started.

Jasmine by Takamine is an Ideal Size for Beginners

One of the great things about the S34C is its size! The compact stature makes it great for beginner players. It’s over all weight is around six pounds making it very lightweight, great for mobility and travel.
For those used to playing heavier guitars, they’ll find the weight difference a comfortable change. The length the Jasmine is forty one and a half inches by twenty at its widest making shopping for a carrying case pretty standard.

The affordability of this guitar does not take away from its quality of sound! The six strings hum harmoniously while strumming giving it a rich, full bodied sound.

The Perfect Acoustic Guitar for New or Seasoned Players

The Takamine guitar name holds true with the S34C. The Jasmine’s sound and portability make it great for those wanting to add to their collections with a well sounding instrument.

Being a smaller acoustic guitar is also a good choice for those younger ones starting out. (Maybe even those shopping for their first!) In total, the Takamine’s Jasmine S34C is a great guitar that can only get better with players!