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Organic Holidays in Cornwall

Organic Holidays in Cornwall

Everybody learns from their mistake. For long, we humans have spoilt the beauty and purity of our planet in the name of industrialization and advancement. But now the wheels have turned again. The consequence is in front of us in the form of Global warming. Alarmed and alert, before it gets too late, more and more people are trying to make this ‘blue’ planet green again by adopting a greener lifestyle themselves.

No matter how strictly you follow your organic lifestyle rules, the urban life is unable to give you a perfect environment for organic living. The green lovers are more easily fed up of the hustling city life and they need to break free of those polluted boundaries. UK is a beautiful country rich of perfect places for breaks and vacation. The county of Cornwall provides country’s finest holiday destinations both in its picturesque countryside and its shimmering seaside. There are few places on earth providing close encounter with nature like the one we experience on a beautiful natural beach. Talking about beaches, how can one forget about Newquay in Cornwall? You’d be amazed to know that there are a number of hotels in Newquay which promote organic living with their own produced food and eco friendly environment.

The Scarlet Hotel

The Scarlet Hotel is a wonderful 37 rooms hotel and among the very few hotels in Newquay which offer a unique combination of organic living in a modern day luxurious manner. The hotel boosts its fame from its holistic Ayurvedic spa. The hotel prides it self in its unique location, eco friendly environment and locally sourced delicious food. The hotel will definitely provide you the best organic holiday experience in Cornwall. A one night stay in the Scarlet hotel will cost you around £160 to £290.

Breaks Newquay Hotel

The Newquay Breaks hotel is an eco friendly hotel complete with alternate energy sources and locally produced food. The hotel offers accommodation near the wonderful Fristal beach of Newquay. The visitors can enjoy organic food, herbal teas and this eco friendly environment along with modern day luxuries such as flat screen TVs and wireless internet.

Deep Green Lodge

With eco friendly paints and organic food, there is a lot more about this Newquay hotel which makes it one of the best accommodations for organic holiday seekers in Newquay. This calm and peaceful B&B accommodation is located just a few minutes walk away from the beaches of Newquay. This hotel is run by a green loving family who do their best to keep you away from city experience and close to natural and organic lifestyle.

Zen Lodge

From organic food to organic furnishing, this hotel has everything necessary for a complete green living Newquay. Ideally situated near the beautiful beaches of Newquay, Zen Lodge offers a wonderful view of the never ending sea.

In a popular tourist spot like Newquay there are more than just many hotels with a complete eco friendly environment for the go-greeners, but also many shops and attractions too.