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Paper Shopping Bags Are Just Over a 100 Years Old

Paper Shopping Bags Are Just Over a 100 Years Old

Paper shopping bags are the answer to the consumers’ search for an eco-friendly approach to shopping. Similarly, they are an ideal choice for businesses that want to respond to the growing need for a more proactive stand for environmental conservation, without sacrificing quality and service.

The shopping bags only celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2006. When paper was invented, it had become an important raw material, used as a container for wrapping items, then later on, used with a string to tie parcels. In 1906, founders of the VP, Vereinigte Papierwarenfabriken (United Paper Factories) in Munich, Germany thought of a “paper bag” that could be more easily handled and carried by having two handles instead of the usual string. This was a very practical idea, as it would give shoppers more ease to look at other items while comfortably carrying the paper bag by the handle with only one hand. The company called their invention “Handfrei” (hand free). Needless to say, this became successful and the company had their product patented. Tradesmen ordered big amounts of these paper shopping bags.

In 1968, VP developed their invention by gluing the handles to the inside of the paper bag. This left the two sides of the outside of the paper bag free and clean and therefore, could be good material for putting on ads. Giant brand names, such as Gucci, Chanel and Prada, among other luxury names commissioned designers to come up with their own paper bags. This opened the doors to the evolution of their style! Trendy and upscale consumers came out of boutiques and other luxury stores carrying stylish shopping bags instead of plastic bags that dominated the market when they were invented and pushed paper bags out of the limelight.

It wasn’t for too long however. In the 1980s when people became aware of the hazards plastic pose to the environment, paper bags (and other paper products) gained their lost ground. The paper bags, including those used as carriers for shopping changed their reputation from being seen as the plastic bags’ cheap ancestors to becoming their elegant siblings. This resulted to more branding and advertisement from big companies using paper shopping bags as their promotional materials.

The method of branding on paper bags is still as strong today as it was four decades ago. Perhaps, even more so, especially with the progress in technology that makes colors, designs and styles more vivid and creative. More and more companies, especially those in the retail industry are utilizing their bags as one of the primary means of promotion and exposure for their business. It is actually the easiest way of advertising a company name and logo.

These bags have become more than just containers for products or carriers for items. They have become walking billboards for advertisers and businesses. They have become a message themselves. A business name and logo are put out there for the world to see when printed on paper bags and hence, a business is introduced to the public. Some people even collect paper shopping bags!

More than just the functionality and the interesting history, think about what a paper shopping bag can do to your business.