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Samsung N150 10.1 Inch Red Netbook

Samsung N150 10.1 Inch Red Netbook

Mobility and Connectivity are the two main features offered by all Samsung netbooks and the N150 is no exception. With several energy efficient features and different connectivity preferences available, you can easily become productive and you can easily get connected even while you are on the go.

Netbook Highlights

· N450 Intel Atom Processor (1.66 GHz)

· 1GB DDR2 Memory

· Built-in webcam (1.3 megapixels)

· Operating System (Windows 7 Starter)

· Rechargeable 6-cell battery

· Wireless network (802.11b/g/n)

· Keyboard (full size, 93 percent)

· Glossy red finish

· USB Ports (3 available, 1 port can charge devices)

· Memory card slot (3-in-1)

· Non Glare screen (10.1 inch)

· Parts and Labor Warranty (One Year)

What Else Is In Store for You

The Samsung N150 is not just only ergonomic, but it also complies with ECO RoHS and TCO 3.0 to ensure that every user makes use of an energy efficient machine without harming the environment. All netbooks from Samsung are also free from hazardous chemicals like mercury to ensure the safety of the users and the environment.

The touchpad of the N150 has a gesture-user interface feature that helps you easily zoom in and out, scroll, or even rotate by using the touchpad. Highspeed wireless internet access is also possible with the netbook’s built in wireless network.

An easy resolution manager feature is also available in the N150. This feature allows you to easily customize your display’s resolution so that it can show you certain programs at their best resolution possible. The Live YouCam feature is also available in the N150 which allows you to add in some cool effects with your videos like avatars, masks and hats that can trigger and follow your movements.

With a total of seven hours of battery life in just a single charge, you can easily carry the N150 anywhere you want without worrying about battery power. You can also charge your other devices through the third USB port available which can charge a device even if the netbook is off or in sleep mode.

The Downsides

Other netbooks from Samsung are considered better when compared to the N150. Most users have experienced loud clicking noises from the internal hard disk drive and a shorter battery life span compared to other netbooks available which has a battery life span that is two times longer in just a single charge.

Overall, the N150 from Samsung is still considered as one of the best netbooks available considering its capability to provide you with your on the go needs. With its energy efficient and connectivity features, the N150 is still a great buy.