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Today’s Log Home Designs – Not Your Grandmother’s Cottage

Today’s Log Home Designs – Not Your Grandmother’s Cottage

No longer does “over the river and through the woods” mean that you’re heading towards grandmother’s little cottage. You certainly may find a cottage here and there, but it it’s not too hard to find a neighboring yard with a timber frame home in place of that little abode grandmother loved and treasured.

In fact, you’ll now find everything from compact, sleek log home cabins to master estates as showcases featuring an array of log homes of which grandmother could have only dreamed.

Today’s fascination with log homes has evolved into a serious contender in the building and construction industry. In fact, many new suburban subdivisions have moved their exterior façade designs to those reflecting a wilderness lifestyle where you can find a escape from the concrete jungles just minutes or miles from metropolitan areas.

This trend is evident as well when picking up any major home thematic magazine. The perfect example is the works of Roger Wade Studio. As a contributing photographer for Architectural Digest magazine, Roger’s work showcases log home pictures, timber frame home design, and the many features of log homes.

I located some very informative sites that not only included a multitude of log house designs, but also were able to educate me – in general – about timber frame home design. One of the best I found was Pioneer Log Systems in Kingston Springs, Tennessee. Not only are they a log home building supplier and manufacturer of heavy timber trusses and outdoor timber structures: they are innovators when it comes to log house design. Once thought to be something that you plunked down in the remote wilderness with minimum design and comfort, the work by Pioneer Log Systems has certainly contributed to the aesthetic popularity of log and timber frame homes.

When I look at the array of log home pictures, I’m amazed at the many choices you have for features. This range includes timber frame home design with a selection of outside corner assemblies (and it’s more than what Lincoln Log toys showed us way back when), metal roofing, brick fireplace surrounds, modern kitchen amenities such as stainless steel appliances and solid surface countertops.

Of course, it is understood that my love of front porches (which is no surprise) is probably one of the most common features in a log home today. I simply need to add a rocking chair and I’m all set to gaze upon the vast world around me, taking in the beautiful view that God has provided.