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Use the Internet to Help Build Your List

Use the Internet to Help Build Your List

When it comes to building up your list, the internet is incredible. 

One of the best tools is PayPal. You know eBay owns PayPal so you have millions of sellers on eBay, you’ve got tens of thousands of power sellers who have thousands and thousands of transactions on eBay and all of those transactions are done through PayPal so you could look up a company who sells say, I don’t know, mattress covers on eBay inexpensively in the United States and you could look at their eBay feedback and they may be a purple star and you can see that they have 60,000 transactions and they’ve been on eBay since early 1990.

You’ll know that those 60,000 transactions, a good majority or even more are all in PayPal because PayPal is the shopping cart for those eBay transactions and did you know that that owner of that eBay store can go into their PayPal account and download an Excel file of every single one of their customer’s name, email address, mailing address because if they are mailing those mattress covers to their customers they have all that data that is already entered.

So you can approach someone on eBay or through PayPal and even shop PayPal shops and look for huge lists of specific products and services and approach them to do joint ventures.

You can approach them and ask them to let you interview them about their mattress cover business. You can do like an Ask campaign. Go get these big name interview guys to do an Ask campaign. So for instance the way I did it, you go to AskMichaelSenoff now since I’m the expert I’m going to go to my barter expert next month. I’ve created an Ask campaign called AskDonahueSilves and it’s already set up and he owns about nine of the high tech brokers which is a retail barter exchange.

He has a list that he’s been mailing out to and I’ve created an email and I’ve created this whole ask campaign and I say, “Donahue, I’m going to help you promote your barter retail membership.” And we did the interview already and he is going to mail out to his list and they are going to come submit their question, if you had one chance to ask barter expert Donahue Silves anything about how to save money using barter enter your question now. They’ll enter their question, that name comes through my Ask campaign and it goes into my AWeb or auto-responder so I have set up an auto-responder account just for him. I am able to capture those names and they are in my auto-responder service so I have control over it and I have an agreement with him that I can use those names to help support his existing barter customers to learn more about business and by providing them my audio interviews.

So he’s going to mail out to his list that that list or a portion of that list is going to become my list. So that is a joint venture. I’m helping him out by creating a great audio interview to promote his barter service and in trade for that I’m getting some of the names that will become future customers of mine, I hope, which I think should work out.

So these are some of the ways that anyone can build their list. But building it yourself can be slow but if you think smart and have a good strategy and use joint ventures you can definitely short cut the process.