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Welding Pot Metallic – Ideas For How to Tig Weld it With HTS-2000, Aladdin 3 in 1, Or Durafix

Welding Pot Metallic – Ideas For How to Tig Weld it With HTS-2000, Aladdin 3 in 1, Or Durafix

Welding pot steel is not as challenging as people say, but it is not as easy as you may well imagine…unless of course you know the tricks.

Pot metal is utilised for all sorts of cheap trinkets like collectible figurines, cookie cutters, gap punch handles and especially aged automotive window crank handles.  The trouble with welding this type of things is that in some cases the hard work that goes into welding it is just not really worth it. But there are some factors manufactured from pot steel that are worth repairing. Some of the ones that appear to mind are antiques, aged common car sections like trim and ornaments, and grandmas old cookie cutter that is not worthy of anything but has sentimental price.

 Pot metallic is designed from aluminum, zinc, copper and maybe a couple other minimal melting place metals in numerous mixtures. It really is also referred to as Die Solid metallic.

It can be the zinc that makes it a pain  to weld because zinc has such a low  melting stage and also attempts to out-fuel when tig welded. But It can be welded with few problems if you know how.

The 3 principal welding rods are :

  1. HTS-2000
  2. Durafix
  3. Alladin 3 in 1 

These rods are advertised to be in a position to weld working with only a compact hand held propane torch. That is basically brazing, not welding, but the product sales fellas at boat reveals are genuinely impressive when they braze mend large holes in beer cans.

But these Zinc aluminum brazing rods can also be utilized to Tig Weld Pot Metal.

If you are fairly decent at tig welding aluminum, you can undoubtedly read this post and do Okay tig welding this things as well.

Typically,  pot metal elements are pretty clean up so only a minor little bit of grinding is essential before welding. Generally the issue is that anything just broken off clear. If that’s the scenario, a small grooving out of the crack will allow more than enough penetration for a solid joint. Keep in mind, if it can be an decorative piece, and its damaged simply because somebody dropped it, Its going to split again if its dropped once more no matter how deep you penetrate the weld, so just take it quick on the penetration.

You will need an A/C tig welding device with higher frequency begin.  Most  work can be welded with a compact 1/16  inch tungsten electrode with a blunt taper on the idea.  Established the amperage to only about 80 amps and you possibly wont even need close to that much.

Tig weld it just like you would aluminum apart from that you will only weld for about 5 or 10 seconds at a time ahead of halting to permit it neat. Just when it will get to flowing very good. Stop! Its about to melt and drop in your lap. That is the very best suggestion all-around for welding this stuff.

Halt usually and enable cool.