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Why Buying Bluetooth Headsets Is a Good Idea

Why Buying Bluetooth Headsets Is a Good Idea

What is it that makes headsets with Bluetooth technology so very different from the regular ones? Why are these devices becoming so very popular? The answer is convenience. Today, wherever you go, you will find people using these devices to make their lives easier. After all, who likes the discomforting baggage of wires when they want to listen to their favorite music, or talk to their friend from their cell phone? It is also dangerous to talk on wired headsets while driving, which is why this practice has been outlawed in most countries. Bluetooth is today’s standard for wire-free communication and developers are coming up with sorts of innovations, such as CARBON Bluetooth 3.0 by Bluetrek, the world’s first headset made of carbon fiber, which makes it super-tough while keeping it lightweight.

The ability of these headsets to pair has made them increasingly popular. Pairing simply means that two compatible headsets can communicate with each other once they are set up with Personal Identification Numbers (PIN). When two devices are within a range of 30 feet of each other, they will automatically pick up their respective signals.

You can also use these headsets for connecting to your computer. This makes it useful for teleconferencing-instead of having two headsets, one for your cell phone calls and another for your computer calls, you can multitask using the same listening device. You do not have to worry about matching your cell phone with the headset-something that can be quite a headache with wired headsets which depend on having the right type of plug for your cell phone. Since the technology consumes little energy, your cell phone battery lasts longer. Thus these headsets are great power savers too. All in all, it makes sense to invest in these headsets, though they are slightly more steeply priced than the wired ones, because they make life so much simpler and hassle-free.

When buying a wire-free headset, you should be asking the store owner about these features:
* Standby time
* Talk time
* Version
* Additional features, such as noise cancellation and echo cancellation technologies

Also check how comfortably you can wear the device, especially if you plan to use it for a long time. Many sets are wrap-arounds, and some sit snugly behind the ears. Still others can be clipped inconspicuously to your shirt.

Bluetooth is the standard communication technology today, and with wireless becoming the norm everywhere, Bluetooth headsets sure to become steadily popular in the years to come.