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Why Use Bio Fuel in Your Tractor?

Why Use Bio Fuel in Your Tractor?

If you’re a tractor owner that’s interested in doing your part to save the environment, then you should consider switching your diesel powered farm equipment over to “green” bio fuel alternatives like biodiesel, which has many advantages over regular diesel that has been produced using fossil fuels. Here are four great reasons why you should make the switch today:

Bio Fuel is a Renewable Resource

The diesel used in most tractors today comes from fossil fuels, which are a nonrenewable resource. Biodiesel, however, is renewable because it uses organic bases (i.e. crops) that can be grown as needed to meet demand. Best of all, its can be produced from a wide variety of crops including oil palms, sunflowers, soybeans, peanuts or coleseed. These resources are all readily available and can be produced in abundance, which makes them the perfect alternative to fossil fuels.

Bio Fuel is Cleaner

Another important reason to make the switch is that they burn much cleaner in combustion engines than those based on fossil fuels like diesel. If all tractor owners and other users of heavy machinery made the switch to biodiesel, this would mean a significant reduction in greenhouses gases and pollution in the air. Biodiesel is so clean in fact that it is currently the only alternative fuel that has met all of the strict guidelines laid out in the American Clean Air Act.

Bio Fuel is Cheaper

Even though this industry is still in its infancy, biodiesel is already cheaper in many locations than regular diesel. As production increases and new developments are made, the cost will continue to decrease, which is great news for your wallet. Meanwhile, the price of diesel is likely to rise in the coming years as global supplies of fossil fuels dwindle.

Bio Fuel Reduces Wear and Tear

Biodiesel is far less toxic than those based on fossil fuels, which means that it has a much better biodegradation rate and burn more quickly and more completely. For tractor owners and other heavy machinery users, this means one thing: less wear and tear on your expensive equipment. Over time, equipment that is powered using bio fuels requires less repairs and maintenance than those using fuels derived from fossil fuels.

Bio Fuel – The Eco Friendly Alternative

If you want to save money on tractor service and repair, all while helping to save the environment by reducing greenhouse gases and pollution, then consider making the switch to bio fuels like biodiesel today. It’s cleaner, cheaper and most importantly, renewable.