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Wireless Microphones – Pros and Cons!

Wireless Microphones – Pros and Cons!

A wireless microphone is a gadget without a physical cable, which connects directly to the sound recording or amplifying equipment with which it is linked. The devices are also popular under the name of a radio microphone. These gadgets have become widely popular within a short time owing to their powerful and advanced features that are of great help for the users.

As far as the structure of the device is concerned, there is a small and battery-powered radio transmitter in the microphone body. The radio transmitter performs an important role of transmitting the audio signal from the microphone by radio waves to a close by receiver unit that further recovers the audio. The other audio equipment is linked to the receiver unit via a cable. The gadgets are used in a majority of fields these days. Starting from the entertainment industry, television broadcasting and public speaking, the gadgets are widely used by public speakers, entertainers, interviewers and performers to move about freely while amplifying their voices.

Several advanced models of wireless microphones have been launched in the recent past. All the latest gadgets incorporate an extensive collection of user-friendly features. Some of the models work on a single fixed frequency. On the other hand, some advanced models work on a user select-able frequency to stay away from any kind of interference.

We have discussed below some pros and cons of the gadgets to help you understand them better.

• The fact that the wireless gadgets offer freedom of movement to the artist and speaker is one of the major reasons behind their rising popularity.
• As far as the wired gadgets are concerned, the devices cause cabling problems that usually arise because of constant moving and stressing of cables. The introduction of wireless gadgets has put this trouble to an end.
• The gadgets also reduce cable “trip hazards” in the performance space.

• Some of the wireless systems have a shorter range especially the cheap models.
• The operation time of the gadgets is limited.

These are some of the pros and cons of the gadgets. You can easily buy cheap wireless microphones these days, thanks to the online electronics stores that offer a wide range of electronics to customers at affordable rates.

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