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Bugera 6260 Ultimate Guitar Amp Head Review

Bugera 6260 Ultimate Guitar Amp Head Review

The Bugera 6260 is a Boutique-style 2-channel tube amplifier. It outshines for classic rock, alternative rock and raw metal bands due to its rocking power and road-worthy reliability. This highly powerful amplifier comes equipped with massive 120-watts of shear power and a 2 channel vintage designed EQ section (with Bass, Mid and Treble) and reverb.

The Bugera 6260’s classic 2-channel preamp design (Clean, Crunch, Lead) is loaded with 5 x 12AX7 valves for precision attack with terrorizing gain and punch. Both channels offer a classic (Peavey 5150 -style) presence control for more redefined tweaking capabilities to add more to the incredible tone. In addition, you will revere the detail in the defined reverb tails individually controllable on each channel. Two outputs with added impedance switching to match virtually any speaker cabinet, from 4, 8 to 16 Ohms.

This monster comes with a 4-way, rugged, metal footswitch selector. Making switching channels and effects loop in a live situation a smooth progress. This boutique-style valve head is constructed using precision assembly, hand-built for perfection, you can be confident the beast will stand the test of time. Use double hum buckers and play metal or use single coils and play blues for more of a mellow and a clean sound, you can use this amp in any diverse situation. Best of all, it keeps up with your loud audience of hungry fans while it maintains excellent clarity.

Experiment your sound with the Bugera 6260, swap out the 12AX7 preamp V1 or V2 to a 12DW7 to cut back on the gain… Want more gain? Throw in a JJ high-gain 12AX7. It is a nice mix with the bass being so tight for chunky rhythm. — The two channels, blue (clean) and razor (distortion. Gain, Bass, Bass, Treble and Level for the first channel, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Level, for the second). The Bugera uses four hand-selected and matched Bugera 6L6 power-tubes and five Bugera 12AX7 preamp valves.

Bugera 6260’s boost channel is insane with the master volume krank-driving the tubes and pushing the 6260 to the edge of flesh peeling delight. Stereo effects loop is also a nice benefit for the Bugera 6260. Using the Blue side with the “green” channel on the pedal will give a pronounced silky tone with a little edge. Switch to the razor, crank the bass, scoop the mids, drive the gain and the Bugera turns into a massive Godsmack type territory. Run ovation through the blue channel, giving the tone a nice little grunge. Best part, Bugera 6260 isn’t a noisy amp (or this might be a flaw for you (vintage head enthusiasts)

Bottom line, the Bugera 6260 has a brutal range raw metal tones. A hefty fuzz tone, and usable cleans. 120-watts of insane power provides plenty of head room and more than enough for two 4×12 speaker cabinets to enthrall a huge audience at a live gig. Road-worthy dependability and priced for a gigging musician… And still enough cash left over for a pack of guitar strings and a case of beer.