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Dance Star Mickey Vs Stinky the Garbage Truck

Dance Star Mickey Vs Stinky the Garbage Truck

Dance Star Mickey and Stinky the Garbage Truck are the 2 toys that predicted to be one of the best seller Christmas Gift especially for boys. As the name, Dance Star Mickey is designed based on Walt Disney character “Mickey Mouse”, while Stinky is a robot which was designed in the form of garbage truck. Since both toys are in same category: “Toys for Boys”, I want to compare these toys.

Both toys have the pros/cons of each, but both also have the similarities. It’s very important to know about its pros/cons, so you can properly decide about what to buy.

Similarities between Dance Star Mickey and Stinky the Garbage Truck

– The toy is recommended for boys. However, Mickey character is seems more general.

– Positive customer reviews. Both Mickey and Stinky are getting a lot of positive reviews from buyers.

– Features with the ability to talking and dancing. Both Mickey and Stinky will surely be your kid’s new best friend.

– Made by well-known toy manufacturer. Therefore, you don’t have to feel any doubt about the quality of the product. Dance Star Mickey was made by Fisher Price, and Stinky the Garbage Truck was made by Mattel. So, you can say that this is battle between 2 toy manufacturers.

Are you still getting confused? Which must be purchased between Dance Star Mickey and Stinky the Garbage Truck? Therefore, I also made the pros and cons of each product. Read below.

Stinky the Garbage Truck Pros and Cons


– Able to dance, speak, tell jokes, singing, and exercise. Very entertaining!

– Able to speak using > 90 different phrases. Your kids will not get bored too quickly with what this robot said.

– Stinky able to “eat” small item that you enter through the top part of its body, and then he will dump it later through the back part of his body.


– Stinky only performed dance in places. He didn’t walk around while dancing.

– Stinky seems to be enjoyed only by boys, while Dance Star Mickey can also be enjoyed by girls.

Dance Star Mickey Pros and Cons


– It’s Mickey Mouse, the character made by Walt Disney. Some people even said that every kid in the world have a dream to dancing with Mickey. Your kids will be surely happy if he gets this toy.

– Equipped with 2 cool features: games mode and dance mode. In games mode, there are two interactive games that can be played: Freeze Dance and Mickey Says. In dance mode, Mickey you’ll find Mickey performs six styles of dances which accompanied by different songs for each styles, including Moonwalk. Moonwalk is a dance styles that was popularized by Michael Jackson.


– It’s pricey if compared it to Stinky.

– Mickey can talk to you, but the variations of phrases are very limited.

After all, which is better?

We can’t clearly state about which is better between Stinky the garbage truck and Dance Star Mickey. However, it’s all depends on your decision. Does your kid like the Mickey Mouse character or a very “boys” character just like Stinky? And please also consider whether your child is more entertained with a six style of dance or the variations of more than 90 phrases? Thanks for reading.