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Dension iPod Car Kits – A History

Dension iPod Car Kits – A History

iPod Car Kits started out back in 1999 with Dension, they were the original manufacturer of the very first iPod Car Kit. Back then, the kids were very basic. The very first kit started out with just an audio feed (similar to an Aux input from the iPod to the stereo) but before long Dension wanted to improve the kit and next came along a feature which is still regarded as one of the most important; Charging the iPod while connected. Apple have made hard work of keeping this feature as of late when they changed the charging from 12v to 5v but Dension have bounced back with an update in hardware inside their units.

In 2003 Dension realized that there was a big market for iPod kits and wanted to improve on the kit even more. Along came two more important changes. The first was the introduction of a cradle, cleverly designed in a “one size fits all” base where you simply add an insert/sleeve which makes it fit your iPod. The second introduction was the ability to be able to control the iPod from the car stereo. In its first stages, this was set up based around playlist control. You would map your playlists on the 1-5 buttons on your car stereo and when you wanted to change playlists you could then simply press button 3 for example. Within 6 months, this advanced and you could also skip tracks forwards and backwards as well as rewinding and fast-forwarding.

In 2006 Dension pushed the “control” feature further and introduced another two features. The first this time being a mode which allows you to change the control back to the iPod so it doesn’t lock out the iPod when connected. This was great for people who couldn’t get along with the playlist mode. The second improvement was one of the most important thus far, Artist, Album, Podcast, Track control; Now instead of only being able to control the iPod using playlists, you could now change the mode and search by artists, or albums, or anyway you wanted!

Dension moved forwards quickly with more products coming rapidly. 2007 saw the debut of the very first iPod kit to have an optional “add-on” to allow bluetooth connections through the iPod kit and your car stereo and steering controls. This meant that using your phone in your car was now seemless. Next came the AV Extender, a clever device which allowed you to play the iPods videos onto your cars screen (or an external screen if needed). This sold out 3 times in its first 2 months.

Dension are now still the market leaders and constantly producing new products. Their line up now includes the Dension Gateway 100, Gateway 300, Gateway 500 MOST, Gateway 500 D2B, AVR, BTA1500 and much more!