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How Does Writing Improves Your Mental Health?

How Does Writing Improves Your Mental Health?

Ever thought of writing? Or tried writing?

If you have tried writing, we are sure you must have felt some kind of change.
Those who haven’t tried it before should give it a go as it is really beneficial for your mind’s health.

When you write down your thoughts, you feel revitalized; you feel so relaxed. People who always feel alone or those who isolate themselves from the rest of the world find solace when they write about their feelings and emotions.

You have no clue of how positively writing impacts your brain. Many of you are not aware of its benefits. We have pretty convincing reasons and for sure after reading those reasons, you will see the broader perspective of writing. You will get a transparent picture of how amazingly it influences your brain.

1. Your memory gets better
Have you ever made a to-do list?
Or do you know someone who has made a to-do list before?
If yes, then ask that person about its benefits. Though they prepare a to-do list, but they don’t have to see it again and again. Because when they write down all the tasks, it gets registered into their brains. Even when they forget anything, to recall that thing they just have to look at the to-do list they have prepared.

There are multiple benefits of having a to-do list. There is a temporal lobe in your brain, as soon as you write down something, it gets activated. The cells of that temporal lobe fire up and let you remember the thing you are writing down.
Your brain put more focus on the thing you write down rather than putting focus on what you jot down in your memory book.

Your to-do list helps you in getting better at organizing different tasks. You feel that you are more in control and all of your worries related to tasks will fly away.

2. Your visualization gets better
It is common for a human brain to associate everything with a picture. Even the letters we write, our brain associates it with different shapes. Getting better at visualization helps you a lot in the long run.

When you write down something, you strengthen up your visual log. Your brain processes the information faster when your brain’s visual log is activated. Your act of reading and writing helps you in creating a fine visual log for your brain.

3. Journaling improves your overall health
Many times we think of things, we face the adrenaline rush, but we fail to describe it. The emotions of anger disturb us like anything. We fail to understand how to let go of all the toxic thoughts that make it room in our brain.

The best way to let go of all the toxicity is that you start journaling. This habit will give you so much relief. Your emotions will be under your control. Soon, you’ll experience that you are getting emotionally stable.

Journaling is a way of healing yourself; it illuminates your path at every stage of life. You face certain events in life and the toxicity associated with that event get absorbed in your mind. Journaling helps you in processing the stressful and traumatic thoughts faster. You can reap more benefits of journaling. One of the most amazing benefits is that your immune system gets stronger.

A study was conducted at the University of Texas and the results turned out to be that jotting down your thoughts in a journal strengthen your T-lymphocytes.

T-lymphocytes is the biological term for those cells that help you in fighting different infections.

Journaling activates the left side of a human’s brain which is related to memory. Now, some of you must be thinking that what about the right side of the brain that is associated with fantasy & creativity? Does it neglect it?

No the right side of the brain is not neglected here. It must be a surprise to you, but it is true that when your left brain is working, automatically your right brain wakes up from sleep and help you in fantasizing and give a boost to your creativity.

4. Writing makes you smarter
We know you are already smart, but the add-on is not bad. Don’t you agree?
Writing transforms you from smart to smarter. Writing gives clarity on everything. Verbal communication is good, but it doesn’t provide you that clarity on any subject the way writing does.

Before heading onto writing about a specific topic, you need to have your grip on that topic. Your knowledge of that topic comes first when you decide on writing about a particular subject. Before writing about a particular subject, you first have to organize all the thoughts related to that subject then you have to research on that topic. Two things are happening here, you are getting more information related to that topic and you include your thoughts about the process as well.

Writing enhances your vocabulary log which becomes a part of your verbal communication as well. When we read a particular thing or when we write about a particular thing, we think of phrases and words to mention a thing in fewer words. For this, we make our way towards “Mr. Google” and find out the phrases and words that can describe the lengthy paragraph merely in a few lines.

As a person, you feel good when you add so many new words and phrases to your vocabulary log.

When we start using new words and phrases to our vocabulary log, we get the motivation to find more.

5. Go back to the Stone Age
Oh please! Don’t take it too literally. Going back to the Stone Age doesn’t stand for taking a nail and start engraving words on a stone. You have to go back to the time when there was no pen tablet, there was no gadget and you solely used to depend on the pen and paper.

Wave goodbye to your electronic gadgets, take a pen and paper and start jotting down your thoughts. Before that we want to ask you something, how many sketchbooks and pens do you own? If your answer is “Many” then we can say that you are addicted to stationery (which is apparently a good thing), but if you say that you don’t own any stationery then we may say that you have imprisoned your entire being in the desert of gadgets.

When you grab a pen and start writing, your brain engages in this activity. Your brain starts working in 3 ways here. First of all, you hold a pen (here you are using your motor skills) then you try to recall the lines you want to write (makes your memory stronger) and then you start associating the word with different images that get formed into the core of your mind (strengthen your visual log).

6. Writing helps you in becoming better at writing
We all know that when we read, our brain functions better and help us in the writing process. Little we are aware of the fact that writing your thoughts and feelings help you a lot in strengthening your ability to write.

Can you think of the ideas that came across to your mind when you were working on certain things? You forgot to write down those ideas and now it is way too complicated to recall them again. The best thing to do in this case is to jot down the bullet points as soon as the idea strikes to your mind. Let the creativity flow, but don’t forget to write down all the amazing things because they are hard to come by.

7. It helps you in finding solutions
You feel agitated when you fail to find a solution to a specific problem. This thing gets its roots developed and you feel angry at almost everything. It may sound a bit weird because you haven’t tried it before, but it is true that writing can solve plenty of problems.

When there is a problem, you look for the details and then you try to come up with the possible solution for it. Nothing can help you more than writing. Just jot down all of your problems related to that subject and then try to look for the details. Take notes of the possible things that come to your mind. When you have a fine data, solving that problem won’t be a big task for you.

This way your problem-solving skills get better and the agitation will fly away.

The bottom line
Your mental health is of utmost importance and compromising on it is the worst thing ever. Writing may look like another task for you, but trust us it solves your problem on a greater scale. You might also try any of the available writing curriculum on the web!

You can’t reap its benefits unless you start doing it. No matter what you write, just write it down. Let the creativity flow, let the toxic thoughts go out of your body, jot down ideas and revitalize once again. You too can reap the benefits that we mentioned. Now the ball is in your court. Avail the opportunity and make yourself free from all the worries.