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Patagonia Clothing: The Best Brand for Outdoor Sports

Patagonia Clothing: The Best Brand for Outdoor Sports

If you love the great outdoors, enjoy taking part in activities out in the open countryside, and generally love sports, then you will understand the importance of wearing suitable clothing, and if you have not yet heard of Patagonia Clothing, then you are missing a great opportunity to find the perfect clothes for your outdoor pursuits.

Patagonia clothing has been designing and manufacturing outdoor clothing since the 1970s, and is world renowned for their innovative and high-quality creations. Started in 1972 by a Californian sports enthusiast, the company designs clothing for various outdoor sports, including climbing, surfing, hiking, and skiing, and the brand continues to increase in popularity, year upon year.

Sports people seek out the Patagonia brand, knowing that when they purchase an item of clothing from this company, they are ensured of high-quality merchandise that will lasts for years to come. With a distinctive logo, it is easy to spot the savvy sportsperson amongst a group. The logo features the outline of the Argentinean and Chilean mountains from which the brand takes its name: Patagonia.

When the company first began producing specialty clothing, they restricted their potential customer base to climbers and mountaineers, creating innovative designs specifically tailored to mountain conditions. Nowadays however, Patagonia clothing has extended their range, and now caters for a much wider audience. They sell clothing in an incredible range, from beachwear to mountain wear – they really cover the fullest spectrum of clothing and outdoor wear.

As a business, Patagonia is truly innovative, in not only the incredible originality that can be seen in many of their clothing lines, but also in their company ethic, and the way in which they treat their employees. We will consider these three facts in turn, to outline just how much of a forward-thinking, pioneering, and creative company they truly are.

Many of the lines of clothing made by Patagonia Clothing reveal some truly inspirational thinking. For instance, their Regulator and Capilene base layers have several unique and original features. Such as, they both make use of specialist fibres, which ensure that clothing maximises warmth, while minimising weight, at the same time, any excess moisture is channelled away from the body, thus ensuring that the wearer stays dry – of fundamental importance in extremely cold conditions, such as those found in the mountains.

Patagonia Clothing has a very strong ethical stance regarding environmental concerns. They ensure that the manufacturing of their clothing has a minimal impact on the environment, but moreover, a proportion of every sale they make is donated to various environmental groups.

The Patagonia Company have a unique approach to their employees too. For instance, they have a flexi-time structure, whereby employees are free to choose when to work, so that they can save up time, which they can then spend surfing! Very few, if any, employers are so generous towards their employees.