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President’s Day Weekend With Kids in Las Vegas

President’s Day Weekend With Kids in Las Vegas

Did you know that President’s Day was first celebrated in honor of President George Washington’s birthday? It was a federal holiday for federal offices in the District of Columbia. It has evolved since then into a holiday celebrated in different ways by different states considering there have been a lot more presidents since President Washington.

One of the fun things to do on a President’s Day weekend is to check out the attractions Las Vegas has in store for kids and their families. There are many reasons to bring your kids to Las Vegas. The city offers amazing family shows such as five Cirque du Soleil shows, incredible nature tours of the Grand Canyon and Red Rock Canyon and it is home to the world’s largest and most famous hotels. But one of the main reasons to bring your kids along is the sheer number and high quality of kids’ attractions in Las Vegas.

For starters, kids can enjoy thrill rides at the various amusement parks. They can scream from the top of their lungs while on the Canyon Blaster at the Adventuredome or raise their hands up as they speed down a 225-foot drop on the hypercoaster Desperado out in the desert on Buffalo Bill’s. For less heart-thumping rides, The Coney Island Emporium offers bumper cars and the Adventuredome has what it calls Drifters-a classic ferris wheel ride.

After the wild rides, kids can move on to test their gaming skills at the arcades. There are a lot of this kind of Las Vegas kids attractions located in different hotels to steer the kids clear of adult entertainment areas. An example is the Midway down at the Circus Circus Hotel. It has a carnival atmosphere and houses more than 200 arcade games. At Gameworks, entrance is free but you’ll need a rechargeable smartcard to get your hands on the games. They range from the ultra high tech, courtesy of SEGA Enterprises and Universal Studios, to the familiar earlier versions of gaming such as Pac-Man, Frogger and Space Invaders.

President’s Day weekend activities can be both educational and fun when you visit museums and exhibits. Madame Tussauds is a favorite Las Vegas attraction for kids because of its extensive display of life-like wax statues. Children can pose and take pictures with their favorite celebrities or historic people. The Lied Discovery Children’s Museum has more than a hundred interactive exhibits that cover science, arts, and culture. Or take the kids on a tour of the various displays of prehistoric and wild animals at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.

Las Vegas kids attractions also include visits to aquariums and natural gardens where the kids can safely watch and interact with animals. The Aquarium housed at the Silverton Hotel is a 117,000-gallon fish tank with thousands of tropical fish, sharks and stingrays. At Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and dolphin habitat, children will come face to face with the big cats-lions, tigers, and leopards and try their hand at being a dolphin trainer.

Is our President’s Day weekend full yet? You still might have time to squeeze in a couple of Las Vegas attractions for kids like the Vegas Indoor Skydiving Center where your kid can fly for real or the Skyzone Las Vegas where you can hold a bounce party.

A holiday weekend with the kids here in Vegas can be a fun-filled and enriching experience because the various Las Vegas attractions for kids offer a mixture of pure fun, learning, and bonding.