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Transforming Waste Into Energy Using Plasma-Arc Power

Transforming Waste Into Energy Using Plasma-Arc Power

Waste treatment and alternative energy generation are two of the most difficult and important challenges facing the world today. An ever increasing global output coupled with the rapid industrialization seen in many developing countries is forcing the world to not only rethink how it handles waste, but how it views waste as a resource.

The two dominant waste treatment solutions – incineration and landfilling – continue to fall out of favor with regulators and the general public due to a myriad of reasons (pollution and land-use issues, waste of valuable resources – minimal recycling, etc.) however as environmental challenges increase and waste continues to be generated, alternative solutions are mandatory.

With stringent regulations in place and increasing enforcement, industries and communities throughout the world are focused on newer technologies that would be efficient, non-polluting, economical and easy to use in managing hazardous/industrial and municipal waste.

The core PTDR technology utilizes a plasma-arc to convert almost any kind of waste into a non-toxic alternative to natural gas as well as other useful end-products, such as a non-leachable vitrified matrix. No secondary pollution or by-products are generated. The two technologies are proven, cost-effective and commercially viable solutions for waste treatment, recycling and alternative resource production.

Using the patented, environmentally-benign core PTDR technology produces the following three end-products from processing waste feedstocks:

  • A clean synthetic gas (“syngas”) that is a valuable source of alternative energy (approximate heat value: 8 to 10 MJ/Nm3, ~250 MMBTU/SCF);
  • An inert vitrified glass matrix that has excellent applications in the construction industry; and
  • Recovered metal mixtures or metal alloys.

All feedstock is 100% waste diversion, which eliminates landfilling and/or further processing (some consider this a “zero waste” solution).

There are four basic core PTDR system models. The PTDR-100 (60 kg/hr or 1.4 MT/day) and PTDR-200 (125 kg or 3 MT/day) systems are designed for on-site treatment. The PTDR-500 (350 kg/hr or 8.4 MT/day) and the PTDR-1000 (1,500 kg/hr or 36MT/day) systems can be utilized for on-site by single generators with larger capacity needs or centralized processing (BOO).

Any commercial-stage waste-to-energy specializing in the deployment of its proprietary Plasma Thermal Destruction Recovery™ (“PTDR”) technology for the treatment and recycling of a wide range of waste feedstocks, including: industrial, hazardous and medical waste, with a mission to provide a robust, efficient and environmentally sound methodology for the treatment of toxic waste and hazardous waste and its conversion into commercial commodity products creating a renewable source of energy and value added products.