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What Are the Benefits of Yellow Sapphire Stone?

What Are the Benefits of Yellow Sapphire Stone?

Who can wear Yellow Sapphire Stone (Pukhraj)?
Pukhraj is beneficial for everyone but still you need the guidance of a priest so that they will a description of how and what is the right age and time you can wear it. But this stone owns excellent favors for women, especially for unmarried girls. Women should wear Pukhraj gem to avail its fascinating properties in their lives.
This gemstone not only for women but also for the men as well. For men yellow sapphire stone works like a good spell which fills their life with the good health, wealth and goodwill.
Yellow Sapphire has the erratic energy of planet Jupiter which is the planet of wisdom and fortune. Wearing Pukhraj can bring the good fortune and health. It helps the person to get focused, better clarity and increase the ability of decision making which is very important in daily life.
Benefits of Yellow Sapphire Stone (Pukhraj).

  • This beautiful Pukhraj sapphire can change your life for good. If you are ambitious, this is a perfect stone for you who wants a great successful life in future.
  • An ultimate knowledge, wealth, good health, welfare and loving relationship. This gemstone is known to enhance the well-being of almost every aspect of life.
  • Pukhraj is known to improve the financial status of its wearer. This brings honor, Good name, prosperity and success.
  • Pukhraj removes delay and obstacles in the marriage path of the female natives, this stone also knows to boost stability post marriage thereby bringing the marriage bliss.
  • From a medical perspective, this stone is effective when the wearer suffering from jaundice, skin trouble, accumulation of fat, lung ailments, throat, liver and blood circulation issues.
  • It balanced the Vishudha chakra. Pukhraj stone is known to improve communication and expression of thought, improving the creativity of a person.
  • Yellow Sapphire Stone is beneficial for concentration as well as it helps you to achieve your academic and professional goals.
  • According to the Indian Astrology Yellow Sapphire Stone is good for every zodiac sign from Aries (Mesh) to Pisces (Meen). If you consult a priest they will tell the right time and right method to wear this gemstone.

    The Mantra “Aum Brim BrahaspatayeNamahAum” should be repeated by the wearer while wearing this Yellow Sapphire Gemstone, so that the wearer will get the best result as soon as possible.

    The fine grade Pukhraj stone is polished and contains a few numbers of inclusions and treatment in comparison to standard yellow sapphire. The standard Pukhraj stone is light yellow in color. The stone possesses a large number of inclusions that can be visible to individual even bare eyes. It is important to consult with your astrologer first before wearing Pukhraj or any other stone. All stones have its unique advantages and positive powers. So in order to get the positive powers of the stone, you need to consult with an expert astrologer to check if a particular gem suits in your horoscope or not.