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What Are The Best Free Online Marketing Tools To Expand My Business With More Traffic?

What Are The Best Free Online Marketing Tools To Expand My Business With More Traffic?

With the Internet, people can actually make money without spending money. These days, that is a pretty tall order but it is true, one just needs to know where to look for it. Anyone who has an Internet business can use free online marketing tools to increase visibility and get more traffic to the Web site.

Some Web search engines provide an assortment free online marketing tools that are suitable for any type of business. Included are the ability to place the business on a map and improve the visibility of the Web site in search results lists. By submitting its products to a product search area, businesses can even connect with shoppers while these individuals are actually shopping.

Companies that frequently update Web content can offer a subscription-based RSS feed Internet marketing tool. Subscribers receive updated content via email, a news reader, or personalized home pages. Content can be delivered as podcasts, blogs or packaged into gadgets and widgets for delivery to mobile devices. This is a great way for a company to spread news to the online world.

Social networking sites are excellent free online marketing tools because they are flexible. Businesses can tweet the latest news and products via Twitter and create a group on Facebook, then invite prospects to become fans. Customization options include the ability to upload content and graphics and post events. In addition, the company can set up a separate blog that provides relevant information.

Search engine optimization increases the business Web site ranking on search engine results lists. SEO takes into account the search practices of Web users and how search engines work. By incorporating things like meta tags, links, and relevant keywords into the meaningful text on the site, search engines are more likely to pick up the site and place it on page one of the search results.

Any online business, including those using affiliate marketing programs, can benefit from article writing. This is one of the free online marketing tools that can pay in many ways. Business owners can write about topics relevant to their operations and post these on external sites that pay based on page views.

These are just a few of the free online marketing tools designed to drive traffic to an Internet business. Those who work from home online can take advantage of these just as easily as a large Web-based corporation can in order to earn money online. As the business becomes more visible online, the sales will begin increasing.