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What Is The Best Expedition Backpack On The Market Today?

What Is The Best Expedition Backpack On The Market Today?

Avid backpackers are very loyal to their backpack brands. This is also seen with other hobbies, where loyal participants stick with their favorite brands. While backpackers are fiercely loyal to the backpacks that they like, there are some excellent options on the market today. With respects to the larger expedition sized backpacks, five options are viewed by many backpackers as the top expedition backpacks on the market. If you are looking for a new expedition backpack, or if you are happy with your choice, you might find the following ranking interesting. Below, five of the best expedition backpacks are ranked and reviewed.

#5 – Osprey Argon 110

#4 – Gregory Whitney 95

#3 – Mountain Hardwear BMG 105

#2 – Gregory Denali Pro 105

#1 – Arcteryx Bora 95

Acteryx’s Bora 95 comes in at number one for several reasons. Of the five packs listed above, the price is right in the middle. And even though the capacity is the smallest range of all the packs, the average 5600 cubic inch internal capacity is more than sufficient for most weeklong or longer expeditions. What really sets the Arcteryx Bora 95 apart from the rest of the options is the comfort. The fit is completely customizable to fit your body and hiking style. While the other packs are comfortable, they don’t meet the level of comfort offered by the winner.

Gregory’s Denali Pro and Whitney 95 came in second and fourth, respectively. Gregory makes some fantastic backpacks, and several reviews note that the comfort is unmatched. When you are looking at a weeklong trek, the comfort of your pack is essential. You also don’t want your pack falling apart on the trail. Gregory is known to meet these essential criteria, and that is why they feature two separate packs on this list.

The Mountain Hardwear BMG 105, the best value of any pack on the list (priced around $350), ranked third on this list. Designed for mountaineering, trekking, and climbing trips, and with a massive capacity, the BMG is a great choice for the budget minded backpacker.

Osprey’s Argon 110 is an absolutely massive backpack. Coming in fifth on our list, the Argon 110 is comfortable, durable, and will fit everything you could imagine bringing on your trip.

The prices range from approximately $350 – $550. The internal capacities range from 5200 cubic inches to 7100 cubic inches.

It is important to remember that internal capacity isn’t the most important consideration when choosing an expedition backpack. Comfort and durability are the most important considerations. It won’t matter how much gear your pack holds if you can’t hike with it comfortably. It is definitely worthwhile trying on a few options before settling on your pack of choice. Good luck choosing your expedition backpack, and hopefully this list helps out.