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What You Need To Know About the Modern Generation of Consoles

What You Need To Know About the Modern Generation of Consoles

As the three giants in console games namely Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo continue to battle it out in video games market, the user-demands for these devices continue to change. The developers of these game playing gadgets are repositioning themselves to offer what users want. Console devices have been previously designed for game playing. However, as people spend more time using the consoles, the developers have realized that users cannot only enjoy games.

There are times in which users will want to gain access to other contents and this is why a transformation of consoles to multimedia gadgets has been advocated by the developers. As witnessed in current generation of console devices, they are turning from game playing tools to multifaceted data streaming gadgets.

While still focusing on the main objective on these devices, which is game playing, the developers have introduced other features that offer great scalability and increased user experienced in not only playing games but also accessing other contents. The Wi-Fi connectivity is certainly one feature, which has given console devices a new shape and applicability. Accessing the internet is what many users want to get in console devices, since they can enjoy other forms of entertainment such as music, TV shows, and movies.

The next generation of consoles will have a greater processing power to enable people access and stream data from the internet with ease. The central processing unit -CPU of the new devices will have enhanced performance. With statistics showing that 190 million households in US will use the next generation video games in 2012 and that 80% of this number (148) million households, will have their consoles connected to the internet, it means that users will have access to other contents.

Memory is another issue, which has remained a major concern to console users. Most of the console devices only have a limited storage space and this means that users are not able to store more contents in their devices. Considering that users can now access and download more programs from the internet, it is certain that they would want to have enough storage space.

The current average 2GB RAM in most of the consoles is not sufficient enough to hold the big-sized high definition files such as those occupied by DVD movies. A single movie can take up to 4GB of memory storage capacity. This is again something, which would affect the processing speed. The next generation consoles are expected to have improved random access memory- RAM capacity.

Currently, users of consoles are dealing with the memory issue by integrating and installing external media storage tools such as r4 cards so that they can download and store other games, add-on packs, themes, apps and other programs that deem suitable for them to access. In essence, the present and next generation console devices will show much improvement in their design and the bottom-line is that they are advancing to become PC mainstreams.

Console devices will have much more memory capacity, processing speed and improved screen display resolution among other features. As the development of console devices advance, the silicon manufacturing process becomes finer and this means more transistors in a given area. The expected outcomes are cheaper console, lower power chips and greater performance in power and display