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A Bio-Based Path To Increase The Agricultural Produce: Bacterial Biopesticides

A Bio-Based Path To Increase The Agricultural Produce: Bacterial Biopesticides

The word chemical is perceived negatively by the consumers worldwide and they are developing aversion for products made using chemicals. Thus demand for organic or bio-based products is anticipated to boost over the near future. Bacterial biopesticides (BPIP) present a natural and less toxic way to increase the crop production and enhance the agricultural productivity.

They are widely used as insecticides to control the growth of plant pathogenic bacteria and fungi. As an insecticide, they are mostly specific to individual species of moths and butterflies or species of beetles, flies, and mosquitoes. In recent years, BPIP have attained a niche position in the bio pesticides market and is largely driven by growing awareness regarding the hazardous impact of synthetic inputs in conventional farming, coupled with limited availability of arable land and growing environmental concerns. Government regulatory bodies’ participation in making farmers educated regarding eco-friendly agricultural inputs like bacterial biopesticides is also favoring the bacterial biopesticides industry.

The statistics show that, usage has witnessed an increased demand in farm application segment due to the fact that it is easy to use, cost-efficient and eco-friendly in nature. Usage not only increases the quantity of production but also improves the quality of crops like fruits & vegetables by inhibiting the growth of pathogens like bacteria and fungi. With the rise of Fruit and Vegetable cropping in Asia-Pacific region, the demand for bacterial bio-pesticides has witnessed a considerable increase.

Globally, the bacterial bio pesticides market is driven by the increasing health consciousness and environmental concerns. North America is a developed region with a major segment of population is aware about the environmental and health hazards of excessive chemical usage in the agriculture. This region has dominated the market, with Asia-Pacific being the second largest revenue generating region in 2014.

The industry analysis shows that the bacterial bio pesticides market is led by the companies which focus on developing new products and can compete with small scale local manufacturers such as Jiyuan Baiyun Industry Co., Zhejiang Qianjiang Biochemical Co., Ltd in China. Bayer CropScience AG, BASF SE, Dow Chemicals, Koppert B.V., Valent Biosciences Corporation, Isagro SpA, W. Neudorff GmbH KG, Certis U.S.A LLC, Campson biotechnologies limited, Marrone Bio Innovations Inc. are the major players in the industry. Leading companies have focused on various growth strategies with an objective of business expansion and penetration of their products in emerging economies. Hence the biopesticides industry has experienced several mergers & acquisitions, expansions and new product developments in past few years.

Overall, it can be said that the agricultural trend is moving towards new bio-based solutions like bio pesticides and a huge demand will be seen in the near future. The global bacterial bio pesticides report analyzes the market for various applications, types and usage patterns across the industry and examines the complete ecosystem of global market. It involves an in-depth analysis of market segmentation, which comprises applications, types, and geographies.