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Gifts for Cat Lovers – Cat Earrings

Gifts for Cat Lovers – Cat Earrings

When people think about buying gifts for someone they know is a cat lover, they often come up with the same items. A funny cat mug or t-shirt, but there are many other options available for the cat lover. An item not usually considered, is that of cat earrings which can be purchased to suit any style or budget.

Cat earrings have developed over the years from the well-known, basic studs, into more dramatic styles. There are some delightful drop styles which come in not just gold or silver, but in many vivid colors to suits multiple personalities and dress styles.

Quite popular are the drop style which can also incorporate flowers, symbols or artistic additions onto the cats’ body. This gives the wearer not just a plain item to announce their passion for cats. It also provides another outlet for expression of personality by combining another interest area in conjunction with the passion for cats.

It is important to consider the size of the persons ear lobe when deciding upon styles. If the person has a small ear lobe or if it is for a child, the weight of the earring may be an issue. Whilst many metals are light weight, more expensive items in sterling silver can become heavy if a larger style is selected.

To combat the weight issue associated with larger styles, hollow metal is often used or other non-metal substance such as light weight acrylic. Whilst some people may feel plastic is a cheap alternative to metal, there are advances in manufacturing constantly occurring which can produce a high quality product without the plastic or cheap feel to it.

An advantage of acrylic is that it is light weight, but also does not have the cheap plastic feel and it can be printed on in a multitude of colors. This can suit many different fashion styles and can even be worn at more expensive occasions. It also does not fade or chip easily making it a versatile, long wearing choice.

Besides the weight of the main body of the cat earring, it is important to consider the metal used in the post or hook in the ear. For some people they may be allergic to some metals and have an allergic reaction. Many cat earrings have posts or hooks which are manufactured with surgical steel to minimise allergic reactions and improve wearability.

Additionally, due to the nature of a drop style, the links utilised in the cat earring should line up and not contain gaps. Gaps may stretch open over time and there is a risk that the cat earring may become lost from the post. A higher quality item should have sturdy connection points between each part of the cat earring.

Checking these small details prior to purchase will ensure a higher quality, long lasting cat earring which will give the wearer many opportunities to enjoy their feline or many years to come.