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How To Attract Gamer Girls – Tips To Help Your Quest

How To Attract Gamer Girls – Tips To Help Your Quest

Male gamers are considered nerdy and lack social skills especially when it comes to women. On the internet, you will find hundreds of memes making fun of male gamers and their inability of stopping the game in order to interact with the hot girl next to them.

What many people don’t know is that male gamers have the right qualities that can enable them to interact with any beautiful woman of their choosing. The only problem is that the virtual world is more exciting than the real world. Blowing up stuff, sawing off the head of a zombie, flying fighter jets, running around the field in a soccer game as well as racing exotic cars are some of the things gamers are into more than women.

Let’s face it, male gamers have feelings they would love to share and even make better memories. To do so, one has to learn how to date. Below is how to attract gamer girls.

Have a chat

The one thing that will never change between a man and a woman who have the potential of dating is having a conversation. Talking is the foundation of knowing each other as well as exploring each other interests. When you talk, you get to ask questions as well as receive answers about each other.

As a male guy, if you want to attract a gamer girl, you need to show interest. The only way to do so is to have a conversation. There are many topics you can talk to her about but first start with a simple introduction. Once you have introduced yourself, you can slowly start the conversation which can grow and encompass many topics.

The one thing you need to know about gamer girls is that they know more about computers and gaming systems than most guys. There is one topic that she will definitely find to be a conversation starter. Remember, the game can also be a great way where you can get to message her if you are too shy for the initial move.
Invite her for a game.

Every week and month, new games are published and gamers are always waiting to try something new. This is the best chance you have to attract a gamer girl. The first thing you need to do is ensure that you have the right setup. What’s her preferred gaming rig? Over the years, the battle of consoles between consoles and consoles between PCs has raged and even today, no clear winner has been found. This has led PC gamers to refer themselves as the master race. Regardless of this, you need to find out what your gamer girl prefers. Is it Xbox, Play Station or PC? Having the right gaming system can score many points for you.

Include other accessories like wireless keypads or keyboards, headsets with mics (if you will be playing a multiplayer game online instead of a one-on-one game),energy drinks and pizza (have the best delivery on speed dial). Finally the game- this will depend on what you want to surprise her with. Once you have set up everything, you can invite her.

The reason you are doing this is because girls whether gamers or not love to know that a guy is interested in what they do.

Build your self confidence

The one thing that puts off every woman is the inability of a guy being confident. Men need to know that self confidence as well as self esteem are great attractive qualities. Girls will fall for a guy who is confident in what they say and do. Even though a gamer girl may know different things about gaming systems and gaming computers, there are a few things that she might know.

In order to build confidence, you need to learn a new skill. Since you want to attract a gamer girl, you need to find a skill that will wow her. Maybe you know how to create amazing mods for different games or you have a set of gaming skills that are new to her. All in all, the end game is to attract her.

Take care of yourself

Just because you are a gamer and you have the intention of attracting a gamer girl does not mean that your appearance should be shabby. Every girl loves to be associated with a guy who is dressed well, looks great, smells great and has a smile on their face.

This should extend to your home too. Do not leave last week’s pizza boxes on the table, below it, under the chair or around the kitchen counter. Not only will these create an odor that will be pungent but it is unattractive not only to girls but to guys too.

Remember, the reason why your home should be clean is that you may invite her one day to play a game over some pizza and energy drinks. If you want her to stay and ensure a chance of becoming her boyfriend, clean up the dirt.

Final Thoughts

How to attract gamer girls is a simple process that can be done by anyone. All you need is to have the right strategy, build your self confidence and self esteem, look smart and have the right topics for a conversation.

Remember, gamer girls are like other girls, even though they interact with guys more, they still uphold the same basic standards when it comes to guys.