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MIL-PRF-680 Versus P-D-680: Frequently Asked Questions

MIL-PRF-680 Versus P-D-680: Frequently Asked Questions

P-D-680 is an industrial degreasing solvent that has often been canceled due to EPA regulations. Most companies have replaced P-D-680 with MIL-PRF-680 – a degreaser that is similar to P-D-680, but is formulated to be safer for humans and the environment. If you have questions about the two solvents, the answers below should help.

Why and when did the EPA regulate the use of P-D-680?

The EPA regulated the use of P-D-680 due to the toxic ingredients it contains. Some of the solvent’s ingredients are listed as Hazardous Air Pollutants in the Clean Air Act. HAPs are hazardous to human health and the environment. In humans, they can cause short-term conditions such as an upset stomach, and long-term conditions such as nerve damage. In the environment, HAPs cause air pollution that harms plants and animals, and contributes to acid rain. The EPA regulated P-D-680 in 1999.

Do some companies still use P-D-680 in limited amounts?

Some companies still do use P-D-680 in limited amounts. Typically, the companies that still use the solvent are small, and use a low volume of the degreaser that does not produce enough emissions to violate an emission cap. When a company uses a large amount of degreaser, using a small amount of P-D-680 does not make sense. The best option is to replace it with a MIL-PRF-680 degreaser.

What are the penalties for over-using P-D-680?

Over-using toxic degreasers may result in a fine from the EPA. If the situation is not resolved as directed by the EPA, the company might be closed until a resolution is made. The specific penalties for violating an emission cap depend on how much the cap has been violated, and whether the company plans on taking immediate action to resolve the violation.

Does P-D-680 cost more to purchase than an ecofriendly solvent?

Since its ingredients are inexpensive to purchase and formulate, P-D-680 typically costs less than an eco friendly solvent. This is the main reason why companies wish to continue using the degreaser.

Does P-D-680 cost more to dispose of than an ecofriendly solvent?

P-D-680 costs roughly the same amount to dispose of as an eco friendly solvent, although some biodegradable solvents may cost less to dispose of than P-D-680. Specific information about disposal costs for particular solvents can be found through an industrial solvent supplier.


P-D-680 has a long history as an effective degreasing solvent. Unfortunately, its toxic formulation makes it risky to use in large amounts. As of 1999, P-D-680 has been canceled by a majority of the companies that used it. Companies that use P-D-680 today must use it in small amounts or face penalties for violating an emission cap, ranging from fines to shutting down the facility.

Instead of risking violation of an emission cap, most companies replace P-D-680 with MIL-PRF-680 – a solvent that offers the same degreasing power as P-D-680, but contains ingredients that are safer for humans and the environment. To learn about replacement solvents for P-D-680 solvents, contact a supplier of organic and environmentally preferred degreasers today.