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The Rise of the Eco Lodges in Kenya

The Rise of the Eco Lodges in Kenya

Eco lodges in Kenya are a new initiative that is aimed at helping local populations benefit from the tourism that Kenya attracts. The local tribes mainly the Masai and the Samburu greatly benefit from these eco lodges as it provides them various employment opportunities which act as a supplement for the income that these local tribes earn through farming activities.

Kenya is famous for wildlife tourism and these eco lodges which are situated close to the wildlife parks and the local tribes people is one of the best ways to explore Kenya. Despite of the fact that these eco lodges are priced a little higher than the traditional hotels, it is still worth the extra expense.

The eco lodges employ the local tribesmen in serving the travelers and this is a wonderful way to experience the hospitality of the people of Kenya. You can also be glad that the money you are paying will not be going to some rich businessman but it will be used by these poor locals for the education of their children and their daily needs such as clean drinking water and other health benefits.

One such lodge in Kenya is the Illi Ngwesi lodge in Laikipia, the northern frontier district of Kenya. These lodges are built by the locals out of organic materials with 6 bandas that are stuck on the ground. The lodges have double beds which can alternatively be spread out outside the lodge for a view of the starry Kenyan sky. This lodge has been voted best initiative by British Airways which has given the lodges a big boost. The lodges are built and taken care of by local tribes people and the entire revenue that comes from these lodges is shared by the village of over 500 households.

Tassia lodge is another of these Kenyan eco lodges. This lodges stands on the Mocodo escarpment and overlooks the village of the locals who manage it. The lodge is booked well in advance and is full most of the time so its advisable to make your bookings at least 3 months in advance.

The Shompole lodge, along the river Magadi in Kenya is touted to be the best of these eco lodges, but it’s hard to come to a conclusion as to which one is the best due to the fact that there are so many lodges that keep springing up all over Kenya and unless you have experienced every one of them it would be wrong to judge. Sabuk lodge in Kenya sits on a cliff below which runs a river that’s a hotspot for Kenyan wildlife like elephants and other animals during the morning when they come to quench their thirst.

The eco lodges come with attached bathrooms as well minus the roof. Which means you can now take a shower with the bright Kenyan sun shining over you. The lodges are windowless and it’s a great experience to live in an accommodation so open.

The activities in these lodges include wildlife observation which is organised by the locals, bush breakfast and dinner, visiting the village to learn about the traditions and cultures of the locals and indulging in their festivities, learning about their way of life and before you leave Kenya, you will be an expert on the local people of this wonderful country.

The famous Masai Mara wildlife reserve in Kenya is home to one of these renowned lodges that is run by the locals.

These projects must be encouraged because not only do they advocate a clean and eco friendly tourism for travelers but also helps the local populations to sustain themselves which will in turn facilitate them to conserve their wildlife better.