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Wireless Wishlist for 2008

Wireless Wishlist for 2008

It seems like every time you turn around there is a new wireless gadget making its way into our every day lives. Modern day society has managed to completely free itself from wired electronic devices – so much so that it is now possible to live and work from almost anywhere on the planet.

With Christmas just around the corner, and 2008 fast approaching, we thought it would be fun to put together a short list of some very cool wireless devices that you may find making their way to your wireless “wish list”.

Our top five wireless wish list choices for the new year are:

#1 – Wireless VoIP Skype Phone

1984 witnessed the breakup of the ATT monopoly and the cost of a telephone call has been dropping ever since. Little did we know that the internet would provide the most cost-effective means of making a call. On the cutting edge of free and dirt cheap long distance calling is Skype.

Skype is the internet application that has allowed millions of people from across the globe to call one another right from their desktop PC. Now you can make free or or very inexpensive calls using Skype using only a wireless Wi-Fi connection. Skype has indeed gone mobile. The Netgear SPH-200D Cordless Phone with Skype takes all the hassle out making a Skype call. No need to install any software, or even turn on your PC.

Simply plug the Cordless Base Station into your internet router and begin speaking with friends, family and business associates via the internet from wherever you are. The SPH-200D can even replace your land line phone. Just plug the base station into any active phone jack and it becomes a traditional cordless phone as well.

#2 – Kindle Wireless Book Reader

For the busy traveler who hates to lug books on business trips – the new wireless Kindle Book Reader by Amazon. Kindle has brought new meaning to the term “wireless book”.

The Kindle is like no other electronic reader on the market. It is designed to be read comfortably at any angle for long periods of time – without the eyestrain that often results from staring at a computer screen. This device is completely mobile and is very simple to use. No PC syncing is needed.

The Kindle uses the same 3G network as advanced cell phones, delivering complete contents of books wirelessly through Amazon’s own network: Amazon Whispernet. (In other words, you’ll never need to locate a Wi-Fi hotspot.)

With the Kindle, all you need to do is just think of a book, magazine or newspaper you would like to read, and Kindle will do the rest. In a matter of seconds, Kindle will wirelessly download and display your selection’s entire contents on its paperback-sized screen. Kindle allows users to download and read the beginning of books for free. All newspaper subscriptions start with a risk-free two-week trial.

Will the Kindle ever replace the tried and true paperback? Maybe not. But with the ability to have 200 books stored at any one time, it sure saves space on a long business trip!

#3 – Wireless Internet Radio

For those that love their radio but cannot seem to find a decent local station: The Wi-Fi internet radio.

The Tangent Quattro internet radio integrates WiFi radio with distinctive Danish styling. Housed inside a MDF wood cabinet with real walnut veneer, the Quattro has the highest quality audio among WiFi radios.

This handy little radio allows you to search over 5000 Internet radio stations – by location AND genre. Listen to anything from Jazz in Taiwan to news from Germany. You can also use the Quattro to wirelessly stream music and audio from your computer (PC and Mac), or connect your MP3 player to the audio-in and use the radio as a stand alone speaker.

Unlike satellite radio, there are NO monthly subscription fees. You don’t even have to turn on your computer to use it. Wirelessly connect to any Broadband wireless (WiFi) network and listen to your heart’s content.

#4 – Wireless GPS Navigator

If you have ever experienced being completely lost without a gas station in sight, it may be time to pick up a wireless GPS navigational device.

Today’s GPS devices will not only help you navigate anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, they will also provide travel tips, and even store your favorite MP3s and photos! Our choice in this category is the Garmin nüvi 350.

The Garmin nüvi 350 revolutionizes what one would expect from a GPS navigation device – or any device for that matter!

The Garmin 350 is one of the most popular, portable and reliable GPS devices around. Wherever you go – in your car or on foot – this wireless marvel offers extremely accurate position data, thanks to a high-sensitivity integrated GPS receiver by SiRF and WAAS-enabled, 12-satellite reception.

It comes equipped with detailed maps of the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. The device is touch-screen controlled, and comes with a unique “text-to-speech” feature which calls out turns by street name. It is also compatible with Garmin’s GTM 10 FM TMC traffic receiver, allowing users to avoid traffic tie-ups by simply pushing a button that will calculate a new route instantly.

We predict that these types of wireless devices will be everywhere in a few years. Then we will wonder how we got along without them.

#5 – Wireless Indoor Remote Control Power Outlet

Finally, for the “lazy” in all of us: the

SVAT WRC100 Wireless Indoor Remote Control Power Outlet.

This technologically advanced wireless electronic remote switch can control virtually everything in your house with just the push of a button. Control lamps, radios, or other electrical devices from up to 100 feet away, even through walls and floors, with this radio frequency wireless remote control.

The receiver plugs directly into any three-prong outlet, and provides a remote switched three-prong outlet to allow radio frequency on & off control for a wide variety of electrical devices. The control unit, with keychain, is more than small enough to fit into your pocket, but its signal will work up to 100 feet away from the receiver even from inside your car.

Ideal for those hard-to-reach plug-ins like holiday lights and computer outlets. The kids left the television on and you don’t feel like getting out of a comfortable chair to turn it off? Just one handy button and you’re in charge.

Easy Plug & Play Installation: Plug receiver into wall outlet. Plug device to be controlled into receiver. That’s it you’re done! No wiring is necessary! There you have it, our top picks for your wireless wish list for this holiday season and for 2008. Be sure to include at least one wireless gadget on list this year!