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Eco Friendly Products: 7 Best Ideas For Green Living

Eco Friendly Products: 7 Best Ideas For Green Living

As most of the people know that now our environment is not the same as it was hundreds of years ago. Now more and more environmental problems are looming over our heads. Increasing numbers of industries and vehicles spewing tonnes of poisonous gases, decreasing number of the trees, rapidly vanishing forest areas, decreasing cultivation areas due to increasing population, more and more use of plastics & plastic bags, other non biodegradable and non environment friendly material have made immeasurable harm and havoc to our environment.

There are many environment loving people who are willing to contribute to our environment. There are a number of ways through which we can contribute to make our environment clean and green, like we can adopt green living concept in our lifestyle. Below are some very effective eco friendly ideas:

1. Say No To Animal Products: Say no to products which are produced by using furs, leather, ivories of elephants, hippopotamus, walrus, pig, mammoth, sperm whale, etc; and any other things which are made by harming innocent animals and at the cost of our environment. After all animals are also living being and have right to live with peace in their habitat. It would also help maintain our ecosystem’s balance.

2. Using Recycled Goods: There are a number of companies which produce various products using used goods and items. By recycling this way we would contribute up to a big extent. Such companies transforms left over used fabrics, textiles and other disposed materials like tyres, tubes, papers, etc from waste to innovative and unique useful products. So by purchasing any of their pieces we contribute to an eco-friendly world. There are many small-scale house based industries which produce varieties of goods from used clothes, poly bags, and other stuff like floor mats, rugs, table covers, seat covers, beautiful baskets, shopping bags, carry bags, hand purse, woven linen, decoration articles, etc.

3. Using Organic Cotton: Some fashion designers have also started making clothes and other accessories using organic cotton only. Some creative entrepreneurs have started complete eco shops providing a range of eco products like designer shopping bags, logo printed bags, grocery bags, colorful cotton bags, organic carry bags, cotton fabrics, yarns & twines, etc

4. Bamboo Clothing: Bamboo the longest grass of the world is also being used to make clothes due to its many properties, that is why some fashion designers have also started making apparel and other accessories using bamboo fabric only. Clothes made from bamboo have also been becoming more popular. Bamboo clothes are silky soft but at the same time more durable and less expensive than silk and other fabrics.

5. Jute and its Products: Another material in the line is Jute. Most of the people visualize the big potato sacks when anybody talk about jute, but it is not true jute is not potato sack only, it is much more than that. Today jute products manufacturers not only produce jute fiber but also manufacturer a range of jute products. If you look for jute and various jute made products then you will find a range of beautiful, colorful, fancy and attractive jute goods and products like fancy jute bags, jute carpets and other goods like beautiful carpets, variety of rugs, colorful floor mats, blinds, wide range of furniture and furnishings articles, beautiful collection of footwear, stationery products, etc. all made from jute.

6. Using Recycled Paper: Apart from this we should also try to decrease the use of paper. Today millions of trees are cut each year just to product papers which are used in making notebooks, diaries, currency notes, news papers, etc. If we reduce using papers and also start using recycled papers then we can save life of thousands to millions of trees each month.

7. Vegetarianism and the Environment: At last but not the least, I would suggest that by being vegetarian we can contribute to our environment up to a big extent for example in solving food shortage and global warming problems. By adopting vegetarian diet we can help our environment in a no of ways. Search over the internet and you would find surprising facts and reasons to support vegetarianism.